How To Android App Development Without Programming knowledge


To early morning I got an email from iTgust contact us page and someone asked me a question he wants to make an android app. But one more problem is he does not have any programming knowledge. As a result, here I am going to make a short discussion about how to android app development without programming knowledge. Without app development knowledge everyone can make an android app. For the work step of them must have good advantage knowledge about computer and internet browsing. Someone talk about app development; without programming knowledge, they can not development any app. As per as my knowledge; this is a misconception about android app development. So today I will show you the top three advance android app development tools that help you to create much cool deference kinds of the android app without programming knowledge. Here the top three android app tools.

Top three Android App Development tools for crate android app

  1. Appy Pie – The Appy Pie is the one of the top listed android app development tool. The tool frees for everyone who wants to make their own android app without any programming knowledge. First of all; you should create sing up on the platform. You should login into the apple pie with your ID and password. Right now you can select the category for creates your app. After select category now you can build your app and publish. Here no need to any programming knowledge for the steps.
Appy Pie Android App Development tool
Appy Pie Android App Development tool

2. Nativ – The Nativ is the one more app developer platform that helps you to make an app for your android and ios devices. Here also anyone does not need any programming knowledge for make apps. Everyone needs to create user id and password for the platform and it’s always free for you. After complete the registration for make free android app now you can login to the platform with your login information. Now you are able to select the template for your dreaming apps. After completing the temples selecting step now you can make any kind of android and ios app without any programming knowledge.

Nativ  Android App Development tool
Nativ Android App Development tool

3. Kinetise – Another one android app development platform is Kinetise. Any kind of android app developer easily can use the platform for making the own apps. There are nice options for everyone when someone clicks on create app button the platform shown you a preview display. Here you can customize the app menu, button, design etc. On the right way, you can make a lot of android app for you Smartphone and if you want you can upload the apps in Google Play store.

Kinetise Android App Development tool
Kinetise Android App Development tool

Here the best and top three platforms for everyone able to make their own app by using the open source platforms. So, if you do not have proper knowledge about the programming language like HTML, CSS, Java, Python etc. You can create your own apps by using this top three android app development platform.