Android Phones

Now maximum people hand can be seen smartphones. Basic phones of the day are hardly the end. Smartphones, more sophisticated day by day, and became better and better. The most widely used operating system in the smartphone is the Android, today I will discusses with you about the android phones 5 features that you may never have heard of or do not know.

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Android Phones 5 Hidden Features

While On The Lock Screen Voice Search

The phone although not all, at most android phones, have this feature. Your phone if screen locked, you can use the Ok Google voice search service. Go to Google Settings >> Search and Now >> Voice >> OK Google Detection >> Always on and flip the switch, you can turn on it.

Google Voice Search

From Away The Phone Locked And The Lost Phone Wipe

The current generation of children, unfortunately, the loss of his own phone, could not be anything else. And now on the phone people at his own secret thing that puts, rather than losing the phone His/her the secret thing, Fear of falling into the others hands, is much higher. But this time does not worry, you can remotely delete all data from your phone before it came into the other hands. This is also Google service to his android phones users. Go to Android Device Manager in Settings >> Security >> Device Administrators, turn on the way.

android device manager

Color Inversion Features

Although this feature is not always necessary, but it is at night or in low light, on the phone an e-book to read, your eyes will comfortable. You may on UC browser, it can be seen Night Mode. It’s a lot like that. It is to turn on go to Settings >> Accessibility >> Color inversion.

Android Color Inversion

From Another Device You Run The Google Chrome Browser Tab

You may not understand this thing. We are our phone or PC browser, Facebook or any other account open, if you do not log out, as it usually is open. So that, with the Chrome browser opening an account, you can save the password or any other device you can access your bookmarks. To do this, open the Chrome browser and go to Settings and register a new Gmail account or log in to your old Gmail account.

Android Google Chrome Setting

Barcode Scanning

Let’s know what is the barcode? As you may have noticed, in any product of the box, the long black spots a box, at the bottom of the spots, many numbers have been written, these are the barcode. Now, your mind create a question, what does with the barcode? To see cannot be understood. Cannot see anything with the eyes but with the scanner to scan the product, you can find out a lot of information, such as- The item original price, manufacturing date, expiry date, etc. Just for you to download an app, and must have the Internet connection. From Google Play Store type Barcode Scanner and search it, you will receive a lot of applications. Choose the one that you like and try to see Barcode Scanner.

Barcode Scanner