Android Phones

When you think of the number of smartphone users, more than half of users are using Android phones. Android phones Manage is much easier than other phones. It does not matter that you are using a phone, the phone’s battery charge is an important issue. Phone battery for longevity, we try a lot. I download a lot of apps. It does not only change the settings of the mobile phone can be used all day and night. Let’s know what is the tricks.

Android Phones Lighting Control

Smartphone displays many of us, the whole day does with the same brightness. Where there is enough light, we can work with low brightness. So it’s better to keep a low brightness. Again the sun’s light, low brightness display can not be seen. In that case, if you increase the brightness, is easier to see. Again, if you reduce the brightness entered the house, the phone’s display and battery both will be good. In most cases, 30 to 40 percent brightness is batter for mobile phones.

Keep An Eye On The AMOLED Screen Whiteness

In the popular smartphone display, AMOLED screen is quite ahead. However, AMOLED display as a bright display, so you should be careful in the choice of mobile wallpapers. Black colored wallpaper is better to use. So, battery use will be less.

Turn Off Android Apps Shortcut

When you download a new app from the Google Play Store on the home screen is created a shortcut icon. Google Play app from the menu, go to Settings can turn off the shortcut.

Android Phone

If Necessary Use ‘Silent Mode’

Sleep or comfort during the phone calls, messages, or Alert System Keep Silent. Android phones have a ‘Do not Disturb’ a mode which has been set down will not annoyance. Go to Settings, sounds settings, can turn on this feature, or you can use silent mode, using the volume key.

Use The Phone Screen Lock

smartphone as the touch screen display, even in the pocket a lot of time phone calls can go. Repeatedly using power on-off button If the phone is locked, for the Power button is harmful. So you can use the screen lock options. If this kind of option does not have on the phone, there are a lot of such app on Google Play store. Download and start using.