Apple Watch

At the end of the year holiday shopping, Apple Watch make a selling record. As a result, the maximum amount of selling this product is the best position ever in the current quarter, said Apple chief Tim Cook. In an e-mail response to Reuters, Cook said, exactly how many gadgets sellers have stock to sell, it does not estimate how many have been sold to the customer until now depend on it the statistics were out.

“Our database shows that Apple Watch has a very good position and this year holiday gift list, it’s one of the most popular choices,” – he added. The technology research company IDC said in a report, the third quarter of this year are expected more than 1.1 million Apple Watch has sold.

Apple Watch

“Chart showing the growth of selling. The first week of holiday shopping our selling product Apple Watch in the history of selling compared to any previous sell, it was the highest. We had hoped that through the Apple Watch we’re the best quarter position” Cook said.

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TECHnalysis Research analyst Bob O’Donnell said, the holiday quarter Apple smartwatch this kind of sells, was already expected because it is a gift from the organization’s traditional products such as the iPhone or Mac computer quite different. Probably increase holiday sells, Apple this year the gadget prices has much reduced.

Exactly what amounts of Apple iWatch has been sold, Tim Cook, did not provide any specific information about that. IDC also refused to comment on the matter.

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