For Benefit Samsung Note 7 Apple Facing Losing Business


All of a sudden increase in the price of Apple shares in the stock market. 2015 US tech giant for the first time since December share price has increased so much. A crash on October 10, Apple’s share price increased by 0.3 percent. Apple’s main rival in the smartphone market, Samsung’s phone Galaxy Note 7 device sold off due to the fire, the company announced. Apple’s share price increased sharply after the announcement, according to Reuters. After leaving the ship on fire news of the accident, but later turned to Samsung customers instead of the previous Note 7 new smartphone same problems tend to be repeated. Note 7 completely stopped production until the end of the South Korean electronics products manufacturers, the company announced. Samsung said that the declaration that has served as a boon in disguise for Apple.

For benefit Note 7 Apple facing loss

Apple recently unveiled the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus is swung around the world. After the announcement of Samsung’s global iPhone sales rate has increased greatly. “I believe Apple’s shares Note 7 regarding the incident will affect the market,” – according to the Credit Suisse analysts Kulbindar Garcia.

As a result of his arrogance Apple’s earnings per share is expected to rise five percent to seven percent. In mid-September last year, Apple’s share price increased by 13 percent. However, in May the same year, a sudden collapse in the name of Apple’s stock. Meanwhile, Samsung’s reputation for accidents Notes 7.

For benefit Note 7 Apple facing loss
For benefit Note 7 Apple facing loss

Technology experts say huge loss. According to them, this will be a big challenge for Samsung lost their space to recover from the derailment. According to IDC, Samsung’s global smartphone market share of 3 percent of the total shares of the Apple-1 percent.