2016-17 Top 5 Best Blog Sites To The People Of The World


Your favorite’s tech news blog iTgust; today going to provide you top 5 most popular Blogs information in here. To morning someone mails us and they want to know some importation about top tech news blogs of the world. To replay the mail from CEO of iTgust is this. Here I am going to provide you the latest survey result about top 5 most popular blog sites of the world November 2016. Hope you will beneficial from the post and bookmark the top 5 blog sites for yourself.

Best Blog Sites
Top 5 Most Popular Blogs 2016-17

World Top 5 Most Popular Blog Sites

# Huffington – The number one blog from the top 5 most popular blog sites. Huffington provides you US hot news and others technology news. Also, the blog gets you knowledge about health, fitness with a lot of deference kind of importation. This is a really helpful blog for everyone. The blog gets monthly 110,000,000 estimated unique monthly visitors and Alexa rank is 155, Google index 4.41M, and Bing index 14.4M.

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# TMZ – This is one of the most begets blogs of the world. Here the TMZ get more than 30,000,000 unique visitors monthly from the world. There you will be able to find most popular celebrity news, top news of technology, today news of sports, tours and others store. The TMZ has Alexa rank 897 and Google index 379k also Bing index is 1.48M. If you bookmark the blog you will get the daily update of the world.

# Business insider – This is one biggest blog for business news and politic news from the world. You will able to update everything within an hour if you read the blog every day. The Business insider has monthly unique visitor 25,500,000 and Alexa rank 283. The Google index is 1.85M, Bing index is 8.13M. If you follow the biggest blog and keep in your fever its bookmark you will able to get update news anytime anywhere of the world.

# Mashable – The Mashable is the 4th number of the top blog from the world. They provide the latest technology best update news, multimedia news etc. The monthly unique visitor is 24,000,000. Alexa Rank is 513, Google index 326K and Bing index is 5.14M. You can bookmark the blog and stay connected to the world latest update.

# Gizmodo – The 5th number of the top blog is Gizmodo. The Gizmodo has monthly unique visitor is 23,500,000 and Google index is 1.75M, 5.64M Bing index and Alexa Rank 476.

I hope the top 5 blog able to provide you any kind of importation from the world if you bookmark the thus website.