iPhone 7 Features

The US company Apple coming to the market, their new phone iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus. Which are  Lunch and order start 9 September? the new iPhone comes to a lot of changes, from the iPhone 6s and 6 Plus. The company made the first call to the dust and waterproof. These phones are available in five colors. The most important change in the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus has upgraded the camera, 3D touch technology, increase battery life, faster processor, new home button and 3.5 mm Jake was completely excluded. iPhone instead of headphone connections, coming up with Air Pod connections, this is fit and standard and which is currently used for charging and data transfer. The company’s also saying that Goodbye to the 16 GB model, new phone 32 GB, 64 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB variants launched.

The new iPhone 7 plus has better Dual-lens camera. Below we explain about the new iPhone.

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iPhone 7 and 7 Plus Headphone

iPhone 7 Headphone

The new iPhone, with the biggest change, is that 3.5 MM Jake completely excluded. Which will be connected via the charging port and apple Air Pod, and it is powered by the w1 chip. It is, Infrared sensors to detect when each Pod has your ear, and Siri using time motion sensors that control the headphone, and easily detect your voice. This Air Pod give you to listen to music 5 hours battery life and in the case of compact charging, will provide 24 hours battery Life. This Ari Pod Also connects Laptop, iPads and Apple watches. Apple also released two version of wireless headphone, for this phone. The first time iPhone also come stereo speakers that place top and bottom of the device.


iPhone 7 Camera

IPhone has brought a huge change to their camera. That you’ve ever seen that before, any Apple phone. This camera able to take low light and even sharper photos. Which is batter from iPhone 6 and 6 plus The iPhone 7 smaller 4.7-inch device uses a f/1/8 lens, which has 50% more light into the lens and the new 12 MP sensor that is 60 % faster and 30% more energy saver?

The iPhone 7 Plus 5.5-inch model Apple first time use the dual-lens camera. This camera quality really amazing. Normally you do not understand the quality of the camera, when you zoom a picture, then you understand that, what kind of apple change appeared on their phone cameras. The new iPhone has two types of 12 MP camera, one is wide lens camera and another one is the telephoto lens, which provides you 2x high zoom quality without any IOS app. Telephoto lens means that the camera can zoom in up to 10x with optical and soft zoom. The camera of both models iPhone 7 has 12 MP with 4k video recording capability. It also has live video editing and with wide color capture. This phone also improve camera flash, which is able to capture a photo in low-light and it’s give 50 percent more light. Apple also uses on this phone flicker sensor, that provides you look like natural light. IPhone also comes change their front camera. Front camera improves 7MP from 5MP. The purpose of this change is to take batter selfies.

Battery Life

iPhone increases their battery life from iPhone 6. The iPhone increase battery life on average two hours longer from iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. iPhone 7 battery will last 14 hours when using Wi-Fi and 12 on 4G, and iPhone 7 plus lasting 15 hours when using Wi-Fi and 15 on 4G.

CPU Performance

The new iPhone 7 uses 64 bit 4 core CPU. Which is 40 percent faster from the A9 processor of iPhone 6s and double speed from A8 processors? It’s also use ramped up graphics, which is 40 % more powerful from the A9 Processors.

Water Resistant

iPhone 7 Waterproof

Apple firs time come to their phone water resistant system with the IPX67 rating. Which means that the phone up to 1 meter underwater for 30 minutes, able to stay. Apple wants to more improve their waterproof system, so they lowered the production of the iPhone 7.

Home Button

iPhone 7 Home Button

These phone light changes have been brought on the home button. This home button has been used vibration based tactic feedback system. So when you give feedback to touch it, then it will be vibrate. These features Apple already use their MacBook laptops.


iPhone 7 Colors

Apple of their new phones has introduced two new colors. The new iPhone 7, including with two new colors, has released total 5 colors phone. The colors are matte black, glossy black, silver, gold, and rose.


Apple has brought some changes in prices than their previous phones.

The iPhone 7 Price:

  • $ 794 For 32 GB
  • $ 927 For 128 GB
  • $ 1060 For 256 GB

The iPhone 7 Plus Price:

  • $ 954 For 32 GB
  • $ 1087 For 128 GB
  • $ 1219 For 256 GB

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