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iPhone Battery

Apple Has Announced To Changed The iPhone Battery All Over The World

Defective iPhone 6s device to change the battery the US tech giant Apple has announced. The company has acknowledged that without any apparent reason some of the devices are stopped. The...
Chat SIM

Come To The Market Chat SIM Without Internet Chatting Facilities

Without the Internet, chatting facilities are coming, Chat SIM. Any chatting app can be used free. Coming, chatting SIM. This Chatting SIM does not take any internet. Use a number from...
iPhone OLED Display

Next Year Apple Launch iPhone 8 With Curved OLED Display

On Monday the Wall Street Journal reported that next year could bring a new iPhone including a curved OLED screen. Apple’s Asia suppliers say the tech giant has ordered for maximum...
iPhone 6s Battery Replacement

Find Your iPhone 6s Serial Number To Eligible For Free Battery Replacement

Apple tries to find out the number of iPhone 6s who’s manufactured in September to October of 2015. Because a few number of iphone affected by battery damage. Who’s made by...
New iPhone

Unbelievable: Apple iPhone Will Crash By 5 Second Video

Reddit users discovered a bug in Apple iOS software on Tuesday which makes iPhone freeze after playing a short, corrupted MP4 file.The devices will crash after 10 seconds when watching the...
Battery Charge

New Technology Cell Phone Battery Charge Only a Few Seconds

Smartphones a lot of work. As a result, it is used a lot of time. Due to the use of more charges ran out quickly. Users often wear the difficulties. To...
Android vs IOS

Android vs iOS : Google Android OS Lost To Apple iOS Device iPhone

Android or iOS, which smartphone is better? Many types of opinions, can be found. Some say iOS, someone Android. Recently, Google Android OS lost to Apple iOS devices, iPhone and iPad,...
iPhone 7 Features

iPhone 7: 2016 Best Smartphone iPhone 7 And iPhone 7 Plus Features

The US company Apple coming to the market, their new phone iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus. Which are  Lunch and order start 9 September? the new iPhone comes to a lot...
Apple App Quietly

Recently Apple Launch Support App “Quietly” For All iPhone & iPad Users

Recently Apple App Store has given almost every mobile software tools. You can remember, with the exception, curiously, an official Apple support for apps. That is up to now. Apple has created...
Samsung Gear S3

WoW! Samsung Gear S3 Frontier & Classic Launch In Global Marketplace

Last September, Samsung Gear S3 Frontier and Classic has announced to release at IFA. Now Samsung Officially their new smartwatch has released with two version Samsung gear S3 Classic and S3 Frontier....


LG Going to Releases Air Floating Speaker on 2017

Next year 5 January 2017 The Las Vegas consumer electronics show CS going to publish Air floating speaker. The news publishers by world largest...