Battery Charge

Smartphones a lot of work. As a result, it is used a lot of time. Due to the use of more charges ran out quickly. Users often wear the difficulties. To save the trouble, a new technology discovered, a group of American researchers at the University of Central Florida, which will help in a few seconds smartphones battery charge.

Researchers claim: “Flexible Supercapacitor” named the technology, the smartphone can be charged within a very short time. Through, not just mobile phones, can be charged other electrical materials.

phone battery charge

Researchers team have an Indian-born US citizen, whose name “Nitin Chaudhary”. He said, mobile phone battery instead of ‘supercapacitors’, the smartphone within a few seconds will be full charged. After a week, although not charged, you do not have to have concerns in this regard.

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According to other researchers, graphene, 2D material, such as nanometer, the supercapacitor is made of a few million wire. With the electrons can be transferred very quick. As a result, the phone can be battery charge very quickly.