iPhone Battery

Defective iPhone 6s device to change the battery the US tech giant Apple has announced. The company has acknowledged that without any apparent reason some of the devices are stopped. The problem caused the iPhone battery, Apple shall change for free, reported CNN.

last  21 November, on behalf of Apple, said in a statement, in September 2015 to October made in a “little bit” in iPhone 6S, has been seen this problem. However, exactly what is the key reason and why the devices are going to stop, the company did not give any details about the battery defect.

iPhone Battery

A week before the iPhone 6 and 6S ‘with a considerable number’ of allegations in the context to investigate the matter urged Apple the China Consumers Association (CCA). According to the Reuters report, the iPhone 6 battery charge 50 to 60 percent despite the sudden these are stopped. And it put in charge, could not be reopened. The room normal temperature or cold environment, the iPhone 6 is being stopped, was informed.

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Announced to change the iPhone battery, but it is not “a security issue”, said Apple. All over the world iPhone 6 S customer will allow the company to change the battery. Recently, the iPhone 6 S Plus ‘Touch Problem Solve, Apple has to offer. The company will repair the defective device for $149. Before the service charge would be $329.