Display Technology

Display technology day by day, that more improvements are made touches, this technology the fundamentals keep in mind is quite difficult the general people. Moreover, whenever we think of choosing a new smartphone, then our whole attention to the phone’s RAM, processor, camera, and battery life is based on. But the display is an important issue that we are usually forgotten. Where a display parts, which we always do touch, and spend most of the time into it.

There are many types of display technology. The question often comes in our mind, what is the IPS display and what is AMOLED and Retina Display? What are the differences between them? For my phone, which screen will be fits etc. The simple solution to all of these questions, our today’s post. Read this post carefully, and you will know that which display technology, fitting for you.

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Details Of Display Technology

Friends, to choose the smartphone’s display, our two main subjects to be monitored. One screen size, which you can choose as your wish (if you want you can buy the small screen phone, may also like big screen). The second important issue is the PPI (pixels per inches). In today’s post, I will not discuss the PPI, but I promise I will make a post about this very soon. Today, in this post I will only discuss the different types of display technology. Long description of each technology may not be possible because each different display technologies in a separate post wrote, would be less writing I think. But surely tell you that today, which the screen is good, and which the screen is not good and what are the advantage and disadvantage.

LCD (Liquid-Crystal Display) Display Technology

LCD Display Technology

So let’s start first with the LCD. We’ve been using this technology for a long time. After the CRT monitor of the computer, we’ve been using the LCD monitor. So you know the full name of the LCD (Liquid Crystal Display. Now, if you talk about technology in the LCD screen of the smartphone, directly to the LCD of the mobile phone as it is not available. This technology has brought many changes, such as FT LCD, IPS LCD, S-IPS LCD, Super LCD, etc.

If talk about the LCD, the first name that comes to TN (Twisted nematic) panels. The panel usually found in the case of computer monitors. In addition, these panels can be found much cheaper Android phones. Cheap Android phones mean that phones available in the market today from 3-4 years ago. This technology completely meaningless. This size is too coarse and the excessive power loss. This screen video Angle completely not good. That is, the phone just to catch a little different angle, you will see everything like a ghost. So personally I say that, with caution on the display. If you see this technology today, it would be better for to ignore.

Secondly, comes the TFT (Thin Film Transistor) LCD. This technology was brought little modernity. Still, the modernity is not noticeable. The contrast, that’s not good enough. Furthermore, the color quality not much of a living, you may feel rough. And so, with all the bad qualities of that loss a lot more power.

Now I will talk about, simply the best technology of LCD display technology, IPS (In-Plane Switching) display. The main reason behind this is simply the best technology, especially, it has been noticed special 3 tropics. First of all, it has been made specifically in the production of color. IPS LCD display with a color that can be seen, it is absolutely original. That is, if you see on the screen is a red flower, In fact, would like to see the flower color will be exactly the same in IPS LCD display. Black color a lot of time, it may take a little more gray black, but other color management is absolutely true and living. Secondly, Viewing Angle a lot has been expanded. You will not see absolutely 180 degrees, but 176 or 178 degrees to be able to see well. Thirdly, the display is made much thinner and much less power loss and it can work. Then comes the Super LCD’s. This is compared to the TFT LCD, it has been light modern. Yet this technology such as IPS, the modern could not be able. HTC’s phone has been used on the Super LCD display. This technology is pretty good, but it is not developed like IPS.

AMOLED (Active Matrix Organic) Display Technology

AMOLED Display Technology

Let’s get familiar with the AMOLED technology. See LCD display to display color, throughout the whole of the screen behind the backlights are used. The floating color on the screen, located behind the backlights became brighter. But AMOLED Display is not used for any backlights. Rather, each of the pixels has been used as separate lights. Suppose on screen, you see a small marble picture. Now the LCD display to display the image of the little marble (which is across the screen in a small space) behind the backlights, to keep burning. But AMOLED displays lights burning only there, where only the image and the rest of the screen is will be black. AMOLED display with a special place due to burning, it loses power too low. And it has another advantage, it can give black color True Color. As for the black color, separate pixels are not burning. In addition, AMOLED technology is much higher contrast ratio.

What Is The Difference Between IPS LCD Display and AMOLED Display Technology

IPS LCD vs AMOLED Display Technology

Color: IPS LCD Display provides absolutely right color. AMOLED display does not give the right color but produces eye-catching color.

Brightness: IPS LCD Display gives less bright. AMOLED display gives Is much brighter.

Sunlight: Because, IPS LCD Display behind due to total backlights, it can be seen brighter than the sunlight. Only due to a particular pixel burning, AMOLED display is less bright than the sunlight can be seen on the IPS LCD.

Power loss: IPS LCD Display power loss is more. AMOLED display power loss is low.

Thickness: IPS LCD Display is fatter. AMOLED display is very thin.

Price: In contrast, IPS LCD Display price is much cheaper. In contrast, AMOLED display price is much higher.

Friends, these are some of the advantages and disadvantages of the difference between the two display technologies. Previously, the color of the debate that would nowadays it has almost ended. For example, almost every smartphone has its own color customization options. You will be able to fix the light color of the display. Suppose, there is more yellow color on your display, then you are from options, be able to blue color. IPS LCD and AMOLED display in two technology, simply the best in his position. If you use one of these in two technologies you can be satisfied.

Retina Display Technology

Retina Display Technology

Now I’ll talk to you in a special technology called Retina Display. The display was renamed, the computing devices manufacturers company Apple. Here today, I want to say a word in bold, Retina Display is not used any special technology. Its purpose is to be renamed, simply a marketing plan. Apple to excogitate the name, each people in the face of the display word came out. People used to say that Apple has invented a new display called Retina Display, and it’s the greatest display.

Actually, Retina display is a type of the IPS LCD display. But it was higher pixel density. When Apple, the iPhone 4S comes with the Retina Display, then it was pixel density is like 300 and also the current iPhone 6, 300-pixel density is found. Where Samsung phone can be found on the 500+ pixel density. Even nowadays almost every good smartphone 300+ pixel density can be seen. This means that your phone display is also Retina Display. It is not that the Retina display only used on Apple product. It’s only, without the Apple marketing plan, nothing more. When Apple first came on the market Retina display, at that time this display pixel density highest rates, but today Retina display is nothing.