The Drone organization off their business by Pre-order


The US drone organization announced hot news after getting lots of Pre-Order they will close the company. The company is unable to raise the funds necessary for the production of drones being closed said. According to the BBC, the organization is a model drone for the US $34 million pre-orders have already been taken. Last week the drone produce company send an e-mail to the customer and they told there failed to arrange available money to keep continue. As a result, they are going to stop the drone producing.

Drone organization off their business by Pre-order

Drone organization off their business by Pre-order
Drone organization off their business by Pre-order

According to the pre-order customers; they will get back their money within 60 days. The US drone maker Lily certainty for the customer. The Lilira is the first drone that follows the user 20 minutes and after 20 minutes its follow the user and capture images and tracking other many things. The organization’s co-founder Henry and Anthony said about customers; we take a race behind organizations they always less funded. Before a few months ago, we have been looking for in order to secure funds to start producing the drone. But we have failed to do this because we can’t able to arrange the money. As a result, we are deeply sorry to say that we are planning to close the company and money back to the customer.

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In May 2015 the drone was accumulated. On this time is shown to the user following this camera drone wind. In this moment a water repellent wrist in hanging on hand of the user that help the drone to tracks the user. After that, more than 20 million users show the video on the internet. In February 2016 drone was supposed to come on the market but they can’t able to done the job. Again the drone maker organization postponed twice on 2017 beginning of the date. Now it will be permanently close the organization.