To make video content more attractive social medias are now considerable competition. YouTube high-quality four-k 360 degrees live video broadcast launched facilities, before the announcement, Now Facebook has launched a 360-degree live video streaming features. Recently Facebook media page the service was announced.

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Facebook their users will not be boring in any way. Following the YouTube Now in news feed, live 360-degree video shooting service is bringing Mark Zuckerberg company. On 13th December on behalf of National Geographic Channel first, the 360-degree Live video is shown on Facebook.

Facebook Live Video

7 scientist 80 days after having on Mars Desert Research Station made this live. National Geographic Facebook page immediately the video goes viral. Tied in alliance with the channel Facebook has been endeavoring to bring new services.

From next year, all the pages and Facebook accounts can live 360-degree video. Earlier this year Facebook provided a 360-degree video posted opportunity. Social networking giant Facebook, now bringing the live option users are going to a different experience.