Facebook Messenger Games

Facebook Messenger app who are intoxicated, the Facebook authorities has brought a good news for them. Next Tuesday, in their own Facebook Messenger app PacMan or space invaders such as two popular games play facilities has launched on Facebook. Their messaging app that users spend more time on this, the US Company Facebook has taken steps, according to Reuters. However, people may suffer as a result of various online gaming addiction, the fear expressed on this, experts say.

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This new feature now, 17 games have been introduced in 30 countries. The latest versions of iOS or Android operating system will be available this facility. A user in the Messenger conversation, click on the game controller icon and select the preferred game, and the game able to start. Users can invite a friend to play it. even You can invite a friend to play him challenging.

Facebook Messenger Games

In 2014 Facebook Messenger into a separate application, which initially expressed annoyance of many users of these steps. Eventually, instant video recording and upload, or payment facilities to add new features As a result gradually it Gain ‘popularity’, the Reuters report said.

At present with hundreds of million users, is the world top three apps, the Facebook messenger has made his own position. In addition, in 2014, another popular messaging app WhatsApp Facebook was bought.