The Google Phone Control Your Home


Google has been building phones connected to the pixel control devices. Now, the devices can be controlled using the phone’s voice assistant. Last year Google search engine made the “Google Home” control the smartphone connected devices. Google assistant controlled everything smartphone devices that connected to the device. The Google home make voice commands for controlling the connected devices.

Google Phone Control Your Smart Home

Google Phone Control Your Smart Home
Google Phone

Recent Google adds their own smartphone voice assistant service, in pixels, but in the past, it could not control the connected device. According to technology website Cnet, the new update of the phone to control devices through Google. As a result, customers can individually control the smart home they no need to the loss $130 to brought the Google Home. Pixel launched recommend the phone will feature from the Settings menu. Earlier this year, Google unveiled its own voice assistant service. But is a different functionality in different devices. The pixel device to add some features to the Google home the company.

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Smart home control via smartphone is not a difficult sentence right now. However, as much as possible to work with a device pixel in the feature phone launched by Google. Google Assistant associated with any device in the house once the user can control it with his voice. The command to the device Google Home or pixels smartphone both devices work together.