Google Bring To The Market Photo Scan App For Android And iOS User


For Android phones and iPhone a photo scan app brought Google. Now you keep the record of the old photo print, you can use this app. Google Play Store and Apple App Store, the app can be downloaded for free.

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Photo Scan app to use the image, you can save by clicking on the app. In addition, the size of images, images straight or image variety of changes, can be done in the app. Google officials statement, scanned photos can be easily kept free photos app. Photo Scan app Android version only two MB.

Google Photo Scan App

Android 5.0 or lollipop and the next version will support it. IOS platform the size of 65.9 MB. IOS 8.1, and the next version will support it. In addition to photo scan, Google Photos app, Google has add three editing features. These are new and advanced Auto Enhance, Unique New Looks and Advanced editing tools. Auto Enhance tool includes filter list. Here are 13 filters, which have been used machine intelligence.