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The “Tera Bala” is Google Satellite Company that’s going to buy Startup Company “Planet Laves”. Last Friday the news published by both companies. Before two years ago Google brought the Tera Bala Institution. They explain around 50 million US dollar when they bought the institution.

Google Satellite Company is being sold in 2017

Google Satellite Company is being sold
Google Satellite Company is being sold

Now Google going to sell the Tera Bala startup mapping company planet Lave. Under the agreement with Google Labs Planet Terra BELA satellite acquired the business. And Google can continue their mapping license for keep images. Neither of the two companies did disclose financial terms of the agreement. However, a source involved with the deal, the price was less than the US $ 50 million, according to Google Labs Planet. But the price is still about 30 million dollars is being said. According to the formula of the original planet, shareholder is a Google Laves. The company will continue to invest in the long-term to the success of Tara Bela.

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Last year Google cancel the solar system drone internet providing services project. Now Google going to sell their satellite planet. Google maybe going to reduce their business.