What Is Hacking

Friends, I know that there are a lot of questions in your mind about the hacking. You may want to know that, “Hacking actually, legal or illegal, and if hacking is valid, then how will the hacker? Friends, there is no reason to worry, because of today I have come to talk about the details. Keep reading this post, I hope a lot of things, you come to the front.

What is Hacking ?

Hacking on a word, which is hearing the first word that comes to us, “The brothers, are some of the riots, It seems, is illegal matter happening.” However, your comments, is it completely true? Yes, it is true as well, but it is not completely true. Because there are some good hackers again there are some bad hackers. And their activity good and bad both is the direction. In childhood, you may have to know, there is some good ghost again there is some bad ghost. Hacker is exactly the same. Now the question is who is good and who is bad? You know the answer to this question is to know about the hacker types.

There are mainly three types of hackers. Who are hacking for the good work that they are called white hat hackers? Those bad hackers, they are called Black Hat Hackers. And those who are between good and bad is called Grey Hat Hackers. So let’s get to know better about the three types of hackers. Let us discuss and, if you want to be a hacker, then what type of hacker, you can be.

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White hat hackers

White Hat Hacker

Hackers of the other categories are the White Hat Hackers. This Hackers with the full permission, any access to the system, only to find out that the system there is a problem or how strong the level of system security. In this case, this hacker will be called Ethical Hackers. Because they are with full permission enters the system to help the system or the company. As you may know, there are big companies such as Google, Yahoo, Facebook, etc. are awarded thousands of dollars, if their system can deliver any mistake. If you told them that “such codes have problems with your system.” And instead, they will reward you a thousand dollars. Moreover, these companies are already working a lot of Hackers team.

Black Hat Hackers

Black Hat Hackers

Friends, Black Hat Hackers is, those who for his own profit, any type of harm can be. Suppose, I have hacked a server or have any data leak and instead demand money or blackmail. So in this situation, I became a black hat hacker. I own accord, without any kind of the permission, if any access to the system, the system tried to worst and instead I want money or any other benefits.

Grey Hat Hackers

Gray Hat Hacker

This category Hackers, for money or blackmail, does not enter the system. They use their skills like fun to hack any system. But they do not accept any permission for the access system. Whereas here, they can impair or to make money not hacking, therefore it cannot be called Black Hat Hackers. Again, they are entered into the system without permission, therefore cannot be called white hat hackers. So these are called Grey Hat Hackers. This means that between black and white stages.

Ethical Hacking

Friends, if you want to be an Ethical Hacker. Nowadays, a lot of demand for Ethical Hackers. If you studied computer science and if you’re an IT expert, the Ethical Hacking can be your best choice.

You will need to complete some courses and if your basic is much better, then you can be Ethical hackers. In this case, you can service any large company and you can work as a freelancer. Thus, from this field can earn pretty good money. If said that, hacking legal or illegal, in this case, In a word, Black Hat Hackers and Grey Hat Hackers completely illegal acts.