Hillary Clinton

At the end of the election on Wednesday, Hillary Clinton in New Yorker Hotel was given a succinct, powerful and incredibly gracious speech.

He also admitted that he had lost the presidential race to Donald Trump. He used these words to thanks her team. She even said that, everyone in the country peaceful following the transition of power. And urged his followers to continue to fight to retain their value. The highest glass ceiling still not been mauled, But it’s one day soon, She says it’s insisted, She encouraged the young girls watching from their Believe.

Hillary Clinton

In his speech, Hillary Clinton also said, “We did not expect such results or We’ve worked very hard for this election, But I am very sorry that we did not win the election in order to share our values And this vision we hold to our country. But I am proud and grateful for this extraordinary campaign that we created together  this vast, diverse, creative, rowdy, energized campaign “

“It is very painful and it will be for a long time But I want you to remember this” Then she went away with the pain of losing. “Our campaign, never about one person or an election. It was our love about to our country And Us optimistic about to America building, Inclusive and generous. As we have seen, our nation is more deeply divided, then we thought, But I still believe, I’m always with America.”

She said, “The country won Donald Trump and he is a man with an open mind and gave him the chance to lead. Reminding the audience that, our constitutional democracy enshrines the peaceful transfer of power.”

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