India Is the Next iPhone Assembling Place


The Bangalore of the India will become next iPhone assembling place the news publish by India. This is not secret yesterday the technology minister of Priyanka Khargay said the news.Apple iPhone will be assembling in India that was a buzz heard before a long time. Recently the Apple representatives visited a place in Bangalore. Then the news officially publishes the next iPhone will be assembled in India. And then fully iPhone will be made in India.

The 3rd Number of iPhone Assembling Place in India

India Is the Next iPhone Assembling Place
India Is the Next iPhone Assembling Place

Last Tuesday Cornotok Government published news and they welcome to the iPhone. The technology minister Priyanka Kharga was told if they assemble the iPhone than the Kingdome will become a top quality Smartphone assembly of the world.

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But till now the news is hidden when the iPhone assembling starting the apple. India thinks next Jun apple will starting to assembling iPhone in India. If Bangalore starting to manufacture iPhone then it will the 3rd number of iPhone manufacturer company. Before apple iPhone assembling Thione company Wistron. Right now they take the decision they will make iPhone in Bangalore India.