Instagram Live Video

Instagram could come live video facility. Live video features for users have started to enable, Facebook photo-sharing app Instagram. In addition, the ‘invisible video’ features, the company has launched. In the last few days before the Russian media, live video feature containing a screenshot of Instagrams was published. The idea being, they testing with live video. Technology website Mashable said at the news.

Instagram Live Video

Russian a user’s eye first was diagnosed their new features. His take screenshot was seen, Instagrams ‘Stories’ section, the first icon in the ‘Live’ option has been added. More screenshot was seen, Stories interface “Go Insta’ button to stay connected, which buttons can be used as the live video broadcast.

New features with the rival social networking apps Snapchat, competition remained weathered position, the company. The same features, including Snapchat, according to the British tabloid Mirror.

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In August of this year, “Instagram Stories’ features already suppressed in the stock market Snapchat, the company. Now, with the new features of the company’s attempt to take out the competition, Instagrams. “Instagram Stories’ feature user can create a daily photo and video collections. They also said the new ‘invisible video’ feature will disappear when viewed through the video.

Instagram Live Video

With this new feature Instagrams, a spokesman said: “Under the new feature allows you to share anything at any time.” In this new feature, you can comment on it while others live video promotions. You can also use emoji pop-up. This feature also allows you to share videos with each other in the inbox. After seeing the video the other side, it will be automatically deleted.

Mark Zuckerberg said that Facebook live video was very important. It now, Instagram is coming. According to a blog post from Instagrams, “Instagram Stories” of the live video, you can connect with your friends and relatives.

The number of daily users of Instagram 100 million.