Unbelievable: Apple iPhone Siri Saved A One Year Old Child In Australia


Last year, Americans a young girl saved from death after, the Apple voice assistant iPhone Siri who saved the life of a child in Australia. Stacey Gleeson just one year after child suddenly was not breathing. She immediately went to call an ambulance, to the iPhone. In the meantime, iPhone out of his hand and fall on the floor. Without raising the phone to the bottom to keep her breathing, Stacey Gleeson keeps trying through the mouth. At the same time, he shouted to the iPhone Siri program in motion and speakerphone, ordered them to call an emergency ambulance. With her breath to keep going, to keep up with the speakerphone ambulance service, and was able to continue the conversation.

iPhone Siri

Siri voice commands that can be called anything. From anywhere near the iPhone “Hey Siri” said, Siri is activated. Mobile apps, music, Internet search, including calls, Siri can also do many things.

iPhone Siri

Stacey Gleeson just one-year-old daughter “Giana” now completely healthy. According to doctors, to save his life, every second of that time was very important. So “Giana” mother, Stacey Gleeson, told the BBC, may be due to Siri, he has been able to save her daughter’s life.

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Apple sophisticated artificial voice assistant “iPhone Siri” saved before a teenage life of the vehicle wheel leg buried.