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Reddit users discovered a bug in Apple iOS software on Tuesday which makes iPhone freeze after playing a short, corrupted MP4 file.The devices will crash after 10 seconds when watching the video by the default player in iMessage. So, never text it to your friends.

The trouble reported only happens when the video is sent as a link more than transferred as a file. Despite one Reddit commenter on Apple indicated that he not only got the video as a file on WhatsApp but also it caused his phone to crash.

iPhone 6

Itgust checked out the video that causes the bug and it did really crash an iPhone 6S running iOS 10.1.1 when it was sent as a link via iMessage.The problem seems to not be with iMessage, but how iOS manages corrupted videos.

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The bug is similar but not connected to other problem that troubled iPhones last year. In that case, users who got a string of characters by text message saw their iPhones crash and automatically restart. Apple finds out the issue through a system update.

Until Apple fixes the problem, try not to open any doubtful links sent to your Phone. If you click on the video by mistake, hold down the power button and the home button at the same time to hard reset your phone.

Watch iPhone Crash Video: