LG Going to Releases Air Floating Speaker on 2017


Next year 5 January 2017 The Las Vegas consumer electronics show CS going to publish Air floating speaker. The news publishers by world largest Smartphone Company LG. According to British Tabloid Mirror LG already made a Lebhitetin portable speaker that always air floating and music playing. The magnetic power floating the speaker on Air around 10 hours at a single time charging. If anyone full charge the speaker, it’s playing music more than 10 hours on air floating.

LG Air Floating Speaker 2017

LG Air Floating Speaker
LG Air Floating Speaker

There is one more amazing future of the air floating speaker. When the speaker slowly decrees the battery charge it’s come down from the visual point and automatically starting recharging. User able to listen 3600 music sound with the air floating speaker. This is really amazing device produced by LG. Not only LG behind the LG more others Company also going to releases new categories electronic devices on the CS 2017.

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Head of the LG entertainment “Broan Con” says we have to search for new ideas and inventively designed around the world dedicated to showing the way to the front. The PJ9 is a new example of the commitment.