Linkedin banned

Russia is going to ban social media for professionals LinkedIn. It is expected to be closed within a week. This year, in the month of August, a Moscow court to block websites, this decision was taken with the support of the country’s online controlles.

Linkedin banned

Roskomnadzor said, LinkedIn has violated Russian law. Because of the country’s estimated 2.6 million users’ personal information that did not save it. But the media says, Russian state surveillance and control of users’ personal information, leaving them more vulnerable to. A company spokesman said, millions of users are prohibited for the probable decision of the Russian court. We are in Russia, and the company has been developing the business using LinkedIn.

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He also said we have to discuss the localization of the information meeting with interested Roskomnadzor.

LinkedIn did traverse that, by asking Russia, it’s United States office to sort this out, But they, entity data for Ireland, is very responsible, non-US citizens are on. It recently acquired by Microsoft, the social network for suits, Russia will send a letter to Ireland, and welcomed discussion of some sort out.