Anonymous Has Made A High Security New Social Media Site For User


As a famous hacker group Anonymous, going to the market, a new social media site of This is a social networking site, in terms of security, whose, there is no near one. As well as a variety of organizations, with that on this site, your profile will not be able to track the government. This demands, the site Manufacture organizations Anonymous.

Social Media Sites

The group statement, similar to other social media sites also you are able to update your profile, share, comment, like message. However, the main feature of this site is its privacy. Ensure users safety is not interrupted in any way, the site is being designed so that any non-governmental organizations, the government cannot track your profile.

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Another feature of the site, users will be involved more with the post, the more points will increase. If The user will be more active, will be promoted to the world stage. Meanwhile, Anonymous has launched an experimental site.