PC Hackers

Malware, your PC on any specific subject, can be damage, it is sometimes displayed unexpected ad, sometimes your browser homepage and default search engine on the controls and sometimes you can get fined (example: Ransomware). But hackers to hijack your PC can be any more destructive, through the hacker finds the backdoor and Could completely control your PC and then according to his wish to do anything that could with your PC. But the question is, how does this guy hackers to hack the PC? Let’s try to find the answer.

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How To Hackers Can Hacked Your PC?

Social Engineering


In fact, social engineering is a type of art that hackers will show you very wisely. Continue to perform various tricks in front of you will try to gain your password or important information. Until today, this is the most popular attack method to hackers. Because, your information want to hack, you fooled a lot easier to achieve. They roll up in front of you any stories and will try to convince you, and you being a little more convincing they can easily become a victim of mind control.

First of all, hackers to hijack your PC, your friend’s email account or social network account will be hacked. Generally, if an account to hack mostly many accounts can be hacked (Because many people still use the same password for all accounts). Now your friends from Facebook or e-mail you a link to download anything the messages may come. Now that the message came from your friend, so you would normally open the link by faith. And can be downloaded on your PC, Any malicious software. All the information on your PC can be easily stolen, and you may lose control of your PC.

Sometimes hackers posing as technical support agents who can massage you, or you can call on Skype. You may say, “I am from Microsoft, your PC has been found in a harmful virus and I’ll help you to delete it.” They might say you that, to open the event viewer from your computer management options, and you will ask, “What? Different error messages you see it? ” (Here are the different messages can be displayed, for example, if the driver fails to install, Any software firewall will block, etc.) and now will begin to believe in your heart too. Then hacker says you will need to install a remote tool software. If you accidentally installed, then everything finished! Now they are, whenever will access to your PC, they can do what, but I do not know!


Just call it a fake, or massage it, your PC can be hijacked, it is not. The more you believe whom or give to using your PC, he may have to install any software on your PC to access and can create backdoors. So, never your friend, do not use the Administrator account from the PC. As always open your PC to a normal user account. Not just a friend, you too, do not use the Administrator account. You also can not install any software on the irresponsible. There are much malicious software wants to work with Admin permissions, in this case, if you use a normal account, that software will not work properly. Another thing to keep in mind, Microsoft will not call you never personally.

Browser Weakness Flash and Java


Today the modern browser such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome itself is protected too. Google Chrome or other browsers tabs open on the websites of their own sandbox environment. Sandbox Means, easy to understand the language in your house is a box filled with sand. If a box of sand, like the box, will protect the house from sandy, likewise, if a website malicious content, it is only confined to your browser, it does not reach the other of your PC. But Java plugins, came out of the sandbox it works, so it’s really a matter of being worried. If your browser does not block these plugins, if affected by any malicious Java or Flash code sites can infect your whole PC. And easily from your PC, maybe start stolen your information.

However, the good news is that these problems can be easily removed

  • Always use the latest version of the browser.
  • And always stay updated to keep.
  • Automatically Java or flash play turn off.
  • If necessary, please uninstall Java plugin from the PC.

Honestly, any competent websites, now does not use Java (remember Java and Javascript are completely different matter). I will post a separate Java plugin security issues, there are all the issues that will try to catch up.

Port Scanning


Any application of data for the exchange over the network, there is a need to open the port. Sometimes require specific ports (eg. web servers require port 80) and at other times for different purposes, different ports are open. The unused ports are closed by default. Now, if you want to make your home PC into a web server, then some router settings will change, port 80 to be open for incoming traffic.

There are some applications who use every time is open a new port. Now on your PC open port means that hackers scan any port on your PC and will be able to take control of the open service. Hackers can easily understand any software and which version of the software you are using. After that hackers will check the database and the software version you use there is any weakness. If it finds any weaknesses, by capitalizing on him, he will move ahead.

Your network, there are which ports are open, to check this online tool you can check. From public Wi-Fi to connect must be avoided. Because those network anyone can scan port. If the hacker finds a weakness anywhere in your service, then all of your security and privacy could be violated.