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What kind of Search engine you like to use and why you use top Search engines? There is a lot of advantage of top Search engines. On this short article, I will mention the top 5 most popular Search Engines 2016-17. We know that very thing have a good side and bad side. Like as top search engines have many advantage and disadvantage. Here I will make a discussion about top 5 Search engines advantage and disadvantage.

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Top 5 Most Popular Search Engines

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# Google – Most of the people knows that Google is the top Search Engines of the world. This is really properly right; the world top search engine is Google. The Google get 1,600,000,000 monthly unique visitors that has come from the worldwide. Compete Rank 1, Quantcast Rank 1 and Alexa Rank 1. The statistics come from world large survey November 9, 2016.

# Bing – I love the search engine Bing and worldwide more than 400,000,000 unique visitors like the search engine Bing. A Recent survey the 2nd world large Search engine Bing get Compete Rank 5, Quantcast Rank 19 and Alexa Rank 22. That why we can call the Bing is 2nd top search engines of the world.

# Yahoo! – After a huge unique visitor getting the Bing search engine; the 3rd position keep on the most popular search engine Yahoo! The Yahoo! Keep 300,000,000 estimated unique monthly visitors. Compete Rank 8 on Yahoo! Quantcast Rank 28 and Alexa Rank 5.

# Ask – Nowadays; I like to use Ask search engine for myself. As like as me more than 245,000,000 unique visitors use the search engine for themselves. Compete Rank 14, Quantcast Rank 31 and Alexa Rank 109 last update November 10, 2016.

# AOL – This is one more nice search engine of the world. The American online search engine most popular in the USA. Monthly 125,000,000 unique estimated visitor’s mentees’ the AOL. Compete Rank 250, Quantcast Rank 240 and Alexa Rank 225. Last update November 10, 2016.

Here the top 5 search engines for you; I hope right now you understand what kind of search engine helpful for you. On my next content, I will be mention deference advantage of top 5 search engines.