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Today we are here with one more tip/tricks by which you can without much of a stretch remove write protection of any USB flash drive/memory cards. I know a several numbers of people are here because they can’t move/copy your documents or can’t format your USB flash drive. To recover your access to copy/move or format your files from USB flash drive, just follow our methods.

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How To Remove Write Protection Of Any USB Flash Drive / Memory Cards

Technique 1

Most importantly, many flash drive user would be using disk drives having copy write buttons in right or left sheet and it may be continued the mode which makes the drive write protected. So to resolution this you may check your disk from both sides i.e., right and left and put it on another mode which removes the write protection problem and checks it once more, it the issues still comes or there no other such buttons then take after our different methods to eliminate the write protection from your disk drive.

Technique 2

At Firstly, tap on start menu show on your screen or on the keyboard and after that select Run from it or as rather than press windows button + R from the keyboard, this is a shortcut key for open Run. At the point when Run open with a pop-up screen type REGEDIT and wait until registry editor open.


Presently navigate or search Registry Editor


Note: If you does not exist the registry key StorageDevicePolicies then you may be required to make it.

You can download this file ADD.BAT from here, to install this key just double click on the downloaded file and it will be automatically added to your Registry file.

Next, double tap on the key WRITEPROTECT present in the correct sheet and set its value 0 and then click Ok button. Now restart your PC/Laptop and re-insert the disk to check whether this strategy works for you or not.

On the off chance that the above technique likewise doesn’t work for you then you may go with our third technique to remove write protection of a protected disk drive.

Technique 3

Presently, copy all of the documents from your write protected drive as now we will format the disk drive which implies there will be no data left on your flash drive.

Firstly, you will be required to download Apace formatting utility with which you will formatting your USB flash drive to remove write protection from it.

When your download completes move the folder to your desktop and unzip and after that double tap on Start.bat file and it will begin formatting your flash drive and wait until format finish (wait until the LED of your flash drive quits flickering), now remove your flash drive and insert it once again.

In the event that Still there is an error to somewhat showing a write protection then attempt the last Technique to work with your write-protected drive.

Presently, open Run by the tap on Start menu and after that selecting Run or straightforwardly by clicking Start menu Button + R from you Keyboard. At the point when Run open type cmd on the search box and let it be opened.

At the point when CMD opens type the following code.



Note: Change the letter E with the drive letter and after that click enter

In the event that you are as yet having the error in resolving the problem of write protection then you may contact your USB flash drive or memory Card Company to replace or transform it.