Android Root

Rooting of the advantages and disadvantages will learn the details in this post today. Before entering the discussion of the details of the roots. Let the light of the knowledge of him. First, note that the rooting only applies to Android ecosystem. The only Android tablet or Android mobile or any other Android-powered devices possible route. Now the second question is what is the root?. Rooting means, the phone software, go to end the root. After arriving there, all of the phone software control will be in your hands. Hopefully, this period has to understand the basic terms to the root. According to the title of the post, let’s discuss the various advantages and disadvantages.

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What Should Root Your Phone?

Root Disadvantages

android root disadvantages

Let’s first discuss the disadvantages of. The first difficulty of the route will be canceled if your phone has a warranty. Companies of all phones, maybe it does not, but most of the big companies such as Samsung, Sony, HTC, etc., it does not support the routing. When the phone rooted, they immediately canceled the warranty, because after the root, if you the phone creates any problems, however, this company do not want to take the responsibility. However, some Chinese companies, such as one plus or xiaomi mobile, But they support the root and if you accidentally root your phone, they upheld the warranty.

The second disadvantage is that when you root if any steps had a little mistake, However, your phone just a plastic or a polymer box can be turned. Your phone will only see with your eyes, and it can not do any work. I agree that it is possible to bring in this situation back to the phone. But in this case, a normal user could face many difficulties. In fact, there is no problem with the routing process, the problem is, a lot of users without the proper way to observe the instructions the phone start to rooting, so often goes wrong. A lot of time to hurry, many steps have to jump and the phone becomes a bad situation.

Thirdly, once you rooting your phone, then your phone will not be in the hands of Android’s security system. Similarly, it will lose its security level to Android, you continue to cut through the security level arrived the root. Now there are just a lot of malicious software that can infect root phone. And may corrupt the phone or the security of your information. In addition to the root, of course, you’re wasting your phone’s inbuilt protection level. And of course, you have to be more careful. If for any reason and any associated malware software enter on your phone but it can be a big worry.

The fourth disadvantage is if your phone just obtain out of the new version of android, However it is still not possible to rooting for you. Remember, your phone first used android Lollipop version, then you found android marshmallow update, the new OS version is now being marshmallow it may take a time to get root method. Because root will always make the current version of Android errors. Those who discover rooting method, they are always on the Android version, by utilizing the errors made the root and be able to give you full control. But the new version is the first to find the error, it may take some time to find the rooting method. Another thing, if root but you will not find on the official software update in your phone. Which called OTA update. After the root, you can flash the phone with any Stock ROM file.

Root Advantages

Android Root advantages

So the top four this issue are the disadvantage of the root, there is also no disadvantage with the root. Now let’s discuss, with the advantage of the root. The first advantage of the root, once you root your phone, then you can do whatever you want. That is to say that whatever your desire. There are many apps in the Play Store, they are only supported on the Rooted phone. After downloading the apps, the app by allowing a super user, they can give you access to the phone root. And that app, go to the root of the software will be able to show you the amazing performance. After the root, there are thousands of apps, by which you can open a thousand of features. For example, you can increase the battery life of the phone, over-clocking can be done, underclocking the processor can be done, etc. You can change the phone’s ROM. After the rooted your phone, you can make a very high-end phone, the phone’s performance may be reduced to save a lot of battery, so fairly, everything is in your hands.

Secondly, in order to root your phone then you want to be able to remove unnecessary system apps on your phone. Suppose you bought a Samsung phone, now the Samsung has put a lot of apps, which do not you have any task. In generally, it is not possible to remove the apps. Therefore, by rooting, and remove these unnecessary apps that you can save a lot of storage. That thing is not your work, what do you do keep them?

Thirdly there are many such phones, which are much less internal space. Suppose 8 GB or 16 GB. When the software is installed on the phone, then ended much faster the internal space. However, there is the option to move apps to a memory card. But in order to move beyond the memory card app, some of the data from the internal storage goes. As a result of internal storage space is destroyed. If you rooted the phone, but there are some special apps with the help, of your memory card you can use the phone’s internal storage. The app, your phone will open a particular system, for which your phone, your memory card appears as an internal storage, and all the apps will install.

The biggest advantage of rooting, custom ROM, you can use on the phone. What is a custom ROM, see, the mobile phone manufacturer companies most often, do not use stock Android. The stock Android is, which Google provides directly. The stock Android is, which Google provides directly. This mobile phone company on the stock Android set their custom skin. Like a theme. As a result, You cannot use the Pure Android. Only Nexus phone users, can use pure Android. However, in order to root your phone, you can use a variety of custom ROM, or if the stock ROM for your phone model, also you can flash the phone.