Sales Record By Apple iPhone


Apple already made sales record by Apple iphone the beginning of the year 2017. They already sold out 78.3 Million iPhone in this year and the company had revenue of $ 5438 million. Before one year the apple sold out 74.8 Million iPhone and revenue made $ 5164. On the situation unbelievable for apple that is God gifted. The news publishers by US news publisher CNBC. According to analytic the apple wants to sell 77.42 million iPhone and they will get $ 5300.

Beginning to 2017 apple make sales record

Sales Record By Apple iPhone
Sales Record By Apple iPhone

After publishing sales record by apple iPhone the company increases their share 3.5% the report has been notified by Apple. After quarter the financial report apple announces they made sales record and another quarter apple released iPhone 7. So, total quarter apple made profited $ 7840. This is 3.5% increase from one year.

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The apple chief Tim Cook Said Apple holiday quarter the highest marginal income and are happy to report that to break some records.