Self-Driving Cars

Technology changes every day so is the lifestyle in city life. People habituate with the city life face different complex and wanting something hassle free. Hiring a car at convenience to ride or transfer goods and packages are becoming more complex, even own a car or other vehicle privately is also becoming an annoyance. And these complexities change the experience of customer behavior. With these changing behaviors, Ford is not at all freaking out. They are developing the self-driving car to meet their vision in the future as they promise previously.

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The company’s vice president of autonomous vehicles and electrification, Sherif Marakby, wrote in a message, “We’re developing self-driving technology because the world is changing rapidly,” He also added in his message that for many people who lived in large cities, owning a car was no longer a viable choice.

The very first company to introduce a hybrid automobile on the road in the United states in 2004, Ford is now developing the technology with the plan to manufacture self-driving vehicles with a good team work with its multiple partners. He also wrote in his message in the Medium, “Our team has decades of experience developing and manufacturing vehicles that serve commercial operations such as taxi and delivery businesses. That extensive experience and those existing relationships are playing an integral part in our self-driving effort. We are entering relationships with a deep understanding of a partner’s needs and desire for a vehicle that has the capability to fulfill many use cases and the durability to maximize operation time,”

He also wrote that the self-driving technology would change the way business was one. Their new featured car will change the business environment no doubt as Ford did always and their experts in Greenfield Labs in Palo Alto in California have been working for this approach to make it available on the street by 2021 as it promised.