Smartphone Battery

Smartphone battery of the type has changed a lot in the last few years. Battery technology has not changed much, although the method has been changed. Almost all of today’s modern smartphones are built in battery. That is, a normal user can not manually change the phone’s battery. And for some reason your battery errors occurs, you will have to go service centers.

It has become necessary to take proper care of these days smartphone battery. Today in this post, I will discuss some of the ways in which you can take special care of your smartphone’s battery. And you do not have to go to service centers repeatedly to change the battery. Look your phone battery is only a part, which is the first to be destroyed. Here are the rest of the parts, such as the motherboard, memory, processor, etc. If you have these general use, but they can be very long lasting. But the battery even after normal use may be destroyed. Whatever, do not increase the role, let’s enter into the discussion.

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Make a Habit The Smartphone Battery Charging

smartphone battery charging

The first step is for special care to keep the battery, battery charging is just practice. Never discharge your battery should not be 0%. It can not be that you discharge the battery to 0% every day, and then again charged 100%. Or to use the phone all day, from 0% to 100% discharge down. You can discharge 0% once a month, however, is discussed later. So, what is the right way? Yes, the right way to recharge the battery of the smartphone several times a day. Suppose after 20% you start charging, and 70% or 80% made charged. This came down to 20% or 15% and then charged again.

This habit of charging the smartphone battery, you can compare with a man. Such a man, while working all day in the midst of work a light eat or drink water. Then, he will be healthy and able to work more lasting way. But anyone all day nonstop work, but does not eat once, or seemed to work all day and then tired, Being hungry at night the whole day meal eat at a time, then this irregularity, he will not be able to stay healthy long enough. And slowly decrease its efficacy.

Smartphone battery, and a lot of work on this policy. Therefore, the battery is charging just need to habits. Another thing to keep in mind that your phone’s battery at least once a month or 20-25 days once your phone will be 0% discharge and then the charge will be 100%. The battery is located inside the cell as a result of the repeated charge and discharge, it had been weakened. So if you are within a month once the full discharge and recharge again, then it gets back to the cell of the previous power. As is our time to blood donation.

Another thing to note is that each battery in a specific life cycle. However your smartphone’s battery, the laptop battery, or However your tablet’s battery. Generally, a phone’s battery has 1000 life-cycle. 1000 Life cycle means that the battery can be charged and discharged 1000 times. It is not that after 1000 life-cycle crossed the battery will stop working. It may be that, before the charges were until the evening, it now remains to 1pm. What happens when the cycle of life can be seen at 1000, a battery life of about 3 years.

Here I would like to say again and again that you can not open the smartphone battery, the non-removable battery, for those battery charging practices, it is particularly important. If not, it may be that 6 months after buying the phone, go to the Service Center to change the battery, even just for that, you were not correct charging habits. The battery of the phone is open, those phones completely separate. How would you like those phones, you can change the battery.

Use Good and Proper Charger

smartphone battery good charger

Smartphone battery to keep healthy, proper and good charger it is very important to use. If for some reason you think that your charger is not charging well with your phone, then you can feel free to use other chargers. Or, if your phone supports quick charging, you can use any quick charger. If My written about quick charging technology post is not read, then you can read this post. But yes, there is a special needs to keep in mind on the subject. Why do not you use any third-party charger, the third party charger volt that is similar to your original charger? How much the charger mAh, or how much current it does not matter. Because your phone is in the charging circuit, the current will take just as, just as much as he needs to be. You just have to keep in mind the charger output voltage.

Battery Overcharge Fear, Do Not At All

smartphone battery overcharge

Many of think that the wrong ideas remain all night if charge, the smartphone battery over-charged, may be destroyed. In fact, it is not true at all. last 4-5 years in the market has come in all smartphone have been used special over charging protection circuits. As a result, when your battery is charged to 100%, then do not accept the charges. This problem, from now, it was 8-10 years ago. You might have noticed that the battery of Nokia phones was swelling. But today this issue has nothing at all to fear.

Proper Way To Take Care Of Your Smartphone Battery

  • So it’s the first thing that everyday discharge of the battery 0%, 100% and can not be recharged. It is better to once a month.
  • Keep a regular basis to charge the smartphone battery, if possible, every day a little bit continue to charge.
  • If you want to use another charger, please match the Volt. As well as possible try to buy the good charger. Absolutely Cheap charger do not purchase.
  • And the last word, On your phone, from the fear of over-charging, Please refrain.