Recently Finance Brand has published global top 500 brands list Apple topped the list five times consecutive away, Google has now occupied the position. The market value of the brand, and the list of the highly influential features of the analysis, the British-based assessment, and strategy consultancy firm.

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2017 Technology Top 10 Brands List

Google: The list is topped by Google technology. In 2017 the American company’s brand value, one lakh 9 thousand 470 million US dollars. Then last year increased by 24 percent.


Apple: the top five times pulled, Apple has now moved to the second place. This year, the value of their brands, one hundred seven thousand 141 million US dollars. This year has progressed since last year 27 percent.


Amazon: Amazon is in third place on the list. This year one lakh 6 thousand 396 million US dollars the company’s brand value. They moved up 53 percent over last year.


AT & T: the best technology fourth brand is AT & T Telecom. This year their brand value, 87 thousand 16 million US dollars. This year they have advanced 45 percent.

AT & T

Microsoft: AT & T Next brand is Microsoft technology. This year, the brand value is 76 thousand 265 million US dollars. This year has increased 13 percent.


Samsung: Samsung is the sixth. This year their brand value, 66 thousand 19 million dollars. Increase than last year 13 percent.


Verizon: Verizon Telecom is the seventh position. This year their brand value 65 thousand 875 million US dollars. This year they advanced 4 percent.


Facebook: the most popular social networking sites Facebook has the eighth position. In the 2017 brand value 61 thousand 998 million US dollars. Great increase than last year 82 percent.


China Mobile Telecom: above all, the American company, in China technology brand that took place. this year China Mobile Telecom brand value 46 thousand 734 million US dollars. The company’s progress over the last year, 6 percent.

China Mobile Telecom

NTT Group:  Japan NTT Group has the tenth place in the list. This year, the brand value of 40 thousand 542 million US dollars. This year Increased 8 percent.

NTT Group