WhatsApp facilities – Now user able to watch videos without download


As like as WhatsApp user we know that; a few days ago WhatsApp added a new feature of their platform that is video calling. After added the feature the WhatsApp get more good reply and feedback from worldwide user exceptionally India and Bangladesh. Now the platform make another whatsapp facility for the user they can watch videos on the platform without download. So, if you are a WhatsApp user this is really good news for you.

WhatsApp facilities
WhatsApp facilities

Generally, a user wastes their valuable time to download their massaging videos from the platform. Without download, anyone can`t watch the videos anytime. Before 5 hours world top, Tach news blog Mashable publish a news. WhatsApp allow watching videos without download.

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WhatsApp now hoping they will get more user from the world day by day and they will add more feature continue to the consumer.