Bad News: Latest WhatsApp Video Calling Features Is Risky For Users


Click on the link to share on WhatsApp to users around the world have been conscious. According to a recent report, use this link user accounts, hackers trying to unprotect. The recently WhatsApp video calling feature was launched. The customer with the opportunity to make fools of his account is hacked by hackers, according to IANS. Hackers on the user’s strategy share some links. Clicking on this link, they are being taken defective website. As a result, they are going to break the security wall.

Whatsapp Video Calling
The report warned that users were asked, “If you receive a mail, telling you, visit this website to activate this feature, and you certainly do not click.” WhatsApp video calling feature, Android, iOS and Windows Phone, will be given after update. It has been reported that there is no need to download separately.

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At present day worldwide, using WhatsApp, 10 million calls were made, also said.