Wifi internet

If speed is not available like as your mind, then what is the benefit of WiFi? There may be several reasons behind the decrease in the speed of WiFi internet. However, some methods you can use to increase the speed of your office or home WiFi. Let’s get to know, what methods to increase the speed of WiFi internet.

Wifi internet

Place Of The Router

To use Wi-Fi, there is no alternative to the use of the high quality router. However, with the router, the router space to be appropriate. As can be high, the more spread around the periphery of the radio wave, and high-speed Internet service is available.

The Waves Thar Is Not Interrupted

A router that will be in place, there in front of a pile of bricks, if any, if the WiFi waves are interrupted. In the basement of the house, the router does not keep. This decreases the speed of Wi-Fi.

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Use the Internet Near The Router

WiFi router to serve, there is a certain range. Also, as far away from the router, and the router will reduce the speed. WiFi signal from the router, periphery spreads 360 degrees. In the middle of the house, sat on the router, can be found all around good speed. In addition, in order to increase the speed of the router, extender or repeater can be used.

Microwave Oven Stop WiFi Speed

Oven affects the speed of Wi-Fi. microwave oven Frequency, Wi-Fi frequency is a lot of time overlap. As a result, the router is slowing down. Therefore, the router from the oven, keep away the better.

Use Complex Passwords

As a result, the number of users increases in the use of open networks than can reduce the speed of the router. So complex password, you have to use WiFi. Then speed can be found, such as the mind.

Large File Download Warning

When downloading large files on your PC or laptop, Wi-Fi speed is reduced. When downloading large files, do not get the speed of other devices. So when the number of users is low, then it is better to download large files.

Nearby The Router Will Reduce The Human Presence

The human body prevents the speed of radio waves. If more and more people around the router, the router speed is hampered. So freely WiFi router through delivering service, around the router people don’t stay is better.