3D Touch Technology

Friends, you may have heard about the touch screen, also heard multi-touch screen, but now the market is hot with Apple’s 3D Touch. In today’s post we will discuss the 3D touch and know more about this technology and how profitable it is. Display technology and touchscreen technology has posted details about the individual, you may want to check it. So let’s begin today’s discussion.

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Touch Screen Technology

3D Touch screen

Friends Let’s talk first about the touch screen. There are mainly two types of the touch screen. Resistive and capacitive touch screen. Nowadays, mobile phone, tablet, laptop, as all of the touch screen capacitive touch screen is can be seen. Resistive touch screen would have been seen long ago when to touch your phone would be found a long stick, Which allows, you could almost touch certain points.

Friends, after the touch screen, to come on the market multi-touch screen. Which, Apple was first time launch with their first iPhone. Where your phone’s screen with two fingers could be detect and was able to enjoy a lot of features on your phone. For example, drag two fingers the photo was made to zoom in or zoom out. But today, you see 10 point multi-touch. As a result, your mobile phone or laptop or tablet screen can track up to 10 fingers and 10 points. And you can complete the improve work. So, today’s let’s talk about the main topics of discussion 3D Touch.

3D Touch Technology

3D Touch Technology

3D Touch is a completely different technology, which Apple exposed the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s was first time released. Apple Watch that came before, the technology that was used, it was exposed to touch in the name of Force. 3D Touch is a completely different technology, which Apple was first time released in iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. Apple Watch that came before the technology that was used, it was exposed in the name of Force touch. Many people thought that, “Apple Just change the name of force touch, creating 3D touch and there is no difference.” But it is not like that. It really is a different technology.

Then how does 3D touch work? See the bottom of the screen is much smaller sensors. And the sensors are provided to pressure measure. When you touch the screen it changes the resistance. So whenever you touch the screen with a little force, then there is a little change can be seen in a separate resistance. And in accordance with this change, make sure that your screen, how loudly you just have to touch it.

Force Touch to apply pressure, it was only two points. One Normal touch and another is force touch. 3D touch you have three points. 1. Normal touch, 2. A little less force touch, and 3. Higher Force Touch. Apple On the basis of these three different touch their phone has some features, which is really great.

3D Touch Advantage


Suppose, you are thinking of taking selfie from your phone camera, so what to do you? The first you will open the camera app, then you will see that it is open in front camera or the back. If you open the back of the camera, the camera switches to the options, will open in front of the camera, then you could take selfie. But, 3D touch you just have to touch the camera icon lights force, then back or front camera icon in the options, video recording options, etc. After the app options open could be found, it’s just come out of the menu icons can be found.

In addition, Apple their 3-D touch technology used a more applied. And one picks and another is pop. I told you before, 3D touch technology, in addition to Normal touch, more two separate touch works, one is low-pressure touch, and another is high-pressure touch. This system works on both touch pick and pop. Suppose you have an e-mail and there is a link. Now, if you touch light force on the link, then the link you are without access, you can see a little preview in the form of pop. Or suppose, you have a picture in the e-mail. Maybe, that picture looks small, but if you touch the light force, then the picture will be big by pop. And this light force touch works is called the pick. Now, if you touch a link in the email a bit more force, and the link will fully open a new window, and this feature is called Pop. So pick and pop with a lot of shortcuts you can use your phone.

Suppose you are browsing the Internet, using a browser. So there you before opening a link, the link with light pressure on the touch, you will see a preview of the link use the pick features. In this way, you can know in advance whether the link to go right. And, if you give a little more pressure, then the link will open a new window.

3D touch technology found in Apple’s all the apps. Maybe this technology will spread more in the coming days, and day by day it becomes popular. The third party apps developers also may use 3D Touch feature. Some people think that 3D Touch technology is a kind of Long Pressing technology. In fact, this assumption is not true friends. Long press a different matter. Long press just a submenu is available. But 3D Touch is a new technology which are works of 3 separate factor. And you can be involved in a full different technology to your phone.

Huawei phone has this technology and the next day, of course, many of the company’s phones, this technology can be found. Friends with the 3D touch, the idea of using your phone’s apps can be changed at the next day. Maybe, on the photo with the Normal touch, the photo will open, if you touch with a light pressure, the photos will be like, and if you touch with high pressure, the photo will be shared. And in this way, developers going to add features their phones and you will see on your phone, a separate interface.