Accredited Medical Billing and Coding Schools Online With Financial Aid

Sometimes known as health information technicians, professionals in medical coding and billing play a crucial role in the healthcare industry. Contemporary medical care entails complex billing and coding systems used to organize records of patients for insurance purposes. Health information technicians receive training to help them navigate this classification system. Through a 4 week online course for medical coding and billing, candidates can join the marketplace as qualified professionals.

They basically translate medical histories and patient diagnoses into the right clinical codes needed to complete processing of insurance claims. Some of these professionals work in outpatient care centers and hospitals, while insurance firms and providers of coverage absorb others. In that set up, these professionals are known as payers. If you are hoping to become a health information technician, here is a list of online accredited medical billing and coding schools with financial aid.

5 Best Online Accredited Medical Billing & Coding Schools With Financial Aid

Did you know that medical billing and coding are among the fastest growing professions in the health sector? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), employment opportunities in health information and management (including medical billing and coding) are poised to increase by about 15% between 2019 and 2024. For that reason, plenty of medical coding and billing online courses are available for prospecting health information experts as outlined below:

1. Community Care College

Location : Tulsa, OklahomaGraduation rate : 73%

In as little as 11 months, students in this program earn their certificates. As a matter of fact, statistics indicate that 69% of students get their diplomas in less than 44 weeks. These students pay similar rates whether they are from Oklahoma or a different state. In addition, Community Care College if famous for offering discounted tuition fees for learners affiliated to the military, as well as those that hail from native Oklahoma tribes.

In a bid to make the course more accessible and flexible, Community Care College allows learners to attend classes in different ways. Even as students do not need to be physically present on the Tulsa, Oklahoma learning center, tutors often welcome learners to set up one on one meetings if they so wish.

Students equally ask questions through phone, video chats, email, or phone. While the institution promises that educators will respond within a space of 24 hours, more often than not they give feedback much sooner.

The diploma program categorizes learning into five subject areas:

  • Medical terminology
  • Diagnostic and procedural coding
  • Medical insurance
  • Software in healthcare
  • Anatomy and physiology

As a result, students get several career paths to choose from these subject areas.

However, students who wish to further their qualifications in the management area can opt pursue an online medical billing and coding degree. With an advanced education, students get to:

  • Hone their skills in communication
  • Grasp organizational management
  • Cultivate robust critical thinking abilities

With this knowledge, learners can fill up management positions in different job places.

Even without an advanced education, candidates who earn their diploma certification through this college are able to work with some of the most renowned medical institutions in the state, which include OSU Medical Center and Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Program Overview
Program NameUndergraduate Certificate in Medical Billing and Coding
Tuition$10,200 per year
Program Length11 months
Instruction StyleAsynchronous
Contact Information 
Phone(918) 610-0027
Social Media AccountsFacebook , Twitter

2. Georgia Northwestern Technical College

Location : Rome, GeorgiaGraduation Rate : 36%

Students in the Georgia Northwestern Technical College can opt for the Health Information Management Technology program. GNTC offers this program in the Walker County Campus in Georgia or exclusively online. The diploma has its focus on four study areas:

  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Medical procedural coding
  • Diagnostic coding
  • Medical terminology

However, before students get to delving in the core areas, they must first complete courses in English, professional development, and mathematical concepts. Diploma candidates equally take classes in subjects such as revenue cycle management and legal compliance. Learners have to complete a total of at least 48 credits before earning this associate degree. These being accelerated courses, learners can complete the program in 60 weeks. While GNTC does not provide 4 week online course for medical coding and billing, the program is comprehensive and ideal for preparing candidates for the marketplace in different capacities.

Georgia Northwestern Technical College offers a rather straightforward online application process. In the process, applicants have to submit official transcripts from their previous schools, including high school records. Before receiving official notifications of admission, candidates ought to apply for financial aid with this college. The institution also accepts loans as well as state and national grants for the medical billing and coding online degree. However, learners who cannot prove their residency in Georgia often pay higher tuition fees.

Because GNTC believes in learning as a significant investment, they offer virtual job shadowing. Under this program, new learners can pick up the ins and outs of the course from existing medical and coding professionals.

Program Overview
Program NameUndergraduate Certificate in Health Information Management Coding
Tuition$89 per credit
Program Length60 months
Instruction StyleAsynchronous
Admission Requirements:ACCUPLACER, SAT, ACT, Asset, or Compass
Contact Information 
Phone (706) 295-6881
Social Media AccountsFacebook , Twitter

3.Moraine Park Technical College

Location : Fond du Lac, WisconsinGraduation Rate : 58%

Learners earn technical diploma in medical coding in only two semesters. During the first term, candidates take course areas such as human diseases, medical terminology, basic anatomy, and diagnostic coding. Thereafter, learners take classes in:

  • Healthcare reimbursement
  • Digital literacy
  • Three different coding areas

Candidates must earn at least 29 credits in a span of one year.

The best part is that Moraine Park charges the same low tuition fees irrespective of their states of residency. The college equally allows government aid besides offering different scholarships to meriting and needy students. For instance, students who earn Moraine Park Foundation Scholarships get up to $3,500. This amount makes up most of the cost of the college’s online medical billing and coding degree.

Filling online form is the first step in gaining admission into the school. This is followed by submission of high school transcripts. However, those with previous experience can submit transcripts of colleges instead. Finally, learners have to take a placement exam from the school or submit ACT scores. If applicants earned 3.25 GPAs in their high school exam or hold associate degrees, they do not have to take this test.

The college also allows credits from other accredited institutions, challenge exams, military experience, specific high school programs or prior work experience. For instance, candidates who have prior medical field experience will earn credit towards courses in medical terminology. Because of the high flexibility in transfer credits, Moraine Park is one of the most inexpensive medical billing and coding online degree programs.

Program Overview
Program NameMedical Coding Specialist Undergraduate Certificate
Tuition$134 per credit
Program Length12 months
Instruction StyleAsynchronous
Admission Requirements:Standardized Tests: ACT or ACCUPLACER
Contact Information
Phone (800) 472-4554
Social Media AccountsFacebook , Twitter

4. Keiser University-Ft Lauderdale

Location : Fort Lauderdale, FloridaGraduation Rate : 59%

Keiser provides terminal medical billing coding certification online. This is the highest level of education with regard to medical billing and coding, available as an associate degree. With this distinction, students are outstanding and can easily land jobs. A graduate can also transfer these credits once they opt to pursue a bachelor’s degree in other fields of medicine like nursing.

This degree also serves one of the rare medical billing and coding online degree courses that readies students for the American Academy of Professional Coders exam.

Candidates have to complete at least 60 credits to get their certification. This curriculum entails courses such as:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • History

However, administrative courses like medical ethics, medical office management, and pharmacology also provide another 20 credits. A mass of 12 credits entails more technical subject areas such as pathophysiology, CPT-4/HCPCS coding, and basic ICD-10 codes. Lastly, degree students complete the program after attaining a coding case practical course with four credits. While Keiser does not offer a 4 week online course for medical coding and billing, their comprehensive program allows candidates to gain hands-on experience.

In addition, the college helps students to find jobs upon graduation. In principle, online students get help with resume writing, mock interviews for practice, workshops, as well as access to browse the job board of the school. Distance students can also join the Sigma Beta Delta International Honor Society, Student Government Association, and Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society. Memberships in these organizations often stand out in the candidates’ applications. Besides, the organizations also provide their members with extra resources.

Keiser requires their applicants to have GEDs, high school diplomas, or a foreign equivalent of these certifications. However, unlike some other schools, candidates do not have to submit their entrance exam scores.

Program Overview
Program Name Associate of Science in Medical Billing and Coding
Tuition$18,368 per year
Program Length12 months
Instruction StyleAsynchronous
Admission Requirements:Standardized Tests: SAT, ACT, or ASVAB for learners with GPAs below 3.0
Contact Information
Phone (954) 776-4456
Social Media AccountsFacebook , Twitter

5. Minnesota West Community and Technical College

Location : Granite Falls, MinnesotaGraduation Rate : 44%

Learners pursuing MN West’s online medical billing and coding degree earn a minimum of 34 credits in around 3 semesters. While the college allows students to tailor their plans, the usual program begins with a  13-credit semester. Here, the students pick up the basics of coding, billing, terminology, anatomy, microcomputers, and information systems.

The 2nd semester entails 12 credits in various coding systems, diseases, as well as the intersection of healthcare and society. The final semester offers:

  • Pharmacology
  • Advanced coding
  • Reimbursement
  • A board review

Minnesota West Community and Technical College recommends students to get this diploma along with a healthcare administration diploma or an associate degree to improve their marketability.

MN West learns get credits towards their degrees in numerous cost-effective ways. The school provides credits for placement exams, course test out options, and military training. Non-resident students are also able to save cash if they live in bordering states or other areas with reciprocity agreements. The college offers a net cost calculator helping prospective learners understand this critical program as an investment.

If you are a diploma candidate, you can apply for many scholarships MN West offers based on your need, merit, or both. For instance, the state exclusively created one award meant for workforce training courses such as this college’s medical billing and coding diploma.

Candidates easily apply to MN West online. Applicants do not need to submit placement exam scores, such as those from the ACT and SAT. First-time college students submit either their high school transcripts or GED documents. Transfer students must also submit college transcripts and review MN West’s transfer action plan.

MN West’s online application format makes it easy for candidates to apply for this program. Applicants do not have to submit their placement exam scores like those from SAT and ACT. If you are first-time college student, you will have to submit your GED documents or high school transcripts. In addition, if you are transfer student, you must submit transcripts of your college education, plus reviewing the college’s transfer action plan.

Program Overview
Program Name Medical Coding Specialist Diploma
Tuition$184 per credit
Program Length12 months
Instruction StyleAsynchronous
Admission Requirements:Standardized Tests: SAT, ACT, or ASVAB for learners with GPAs below 3.0
Contact Information 
Phone(800) 658-2330
Social Media AccountsFacebook , Twitter

Factors To Consider When Choosing Online Medical Billing and Coding Schools

Now that you have an overview of the online medical billing and coding schools, it is important to have the best insights on how to choose a school of your liking. Here are some quick tips to help you through the process.

  • Choose community colleges and technical schools. They are among the best choices for getting an education on medical billing and coding as they are:
  • Less expensive compared to traditional universities.
  • They provide both certificate and associate programs allowing students to choose the best career path.
  • Look out for accreditation. You want to be sure that prospective employers in the healthcare industry will recognize your certification.
  • Choose schools with dedicated programs in health informatics, health information management, or medical billing and coding. Dedicated programs have in-depth subject areas that are relevant in the marketplace. It helps in making job applications stand out from other applicants.
  • Make certain the accredited online medical billing and coding institutions provide courses in different areas relating to medical coding and billing. This gives you more opportunities when looking for employment in the healthcare sector.

The Bottom Line

The majority of medical billing and coding programs do not need applicants to hold degrees to apply. However, they may need them to have a high school diploma or GED. In addition, students must show their need and merit to get respective financial aid for programs.