Activate Chase Debit Card Easily With Multiple Way

Getting your fist card is a great achievement. You finally have the freedom to use all the money in the world- but wait, is that really true? Well, in the case of a debit card, you can only use the money that you have in your checking account! There are many financial institutions which provide debit cards. The choice of the institution from which to get the card is entirely up to you. You might consider the customer care experience, the rewards of the cards, the chase debit card activate period and other similar factors.

One of the best financial institutions to get your debit card from is Chase bank. The bank is one of the leading financial institutions in the United States and as such offer great customer support on top of their customer focused products and services.

If you want to know all about Chase bank debit card, specifically about the activate procedure, you have come to the right place. In addition, you will also learn about the bank’s debit card designs, how a debit card works and you will also get answers to some frequently asked questions about Chase debit card.

Therefore, strap in and enjoy the ride.

A General Step By Step Guide To Activate A Chase Debit Card

Congratulations, you have received your card from the bank, hurray it feels good. But wait, you have to activate your Chase debit card before you can use it for any financial transaction. Fret not though since the activation process is quite easy and there are more than one ways of doing so.

You can either activate your card through the phone, through the bank’s website or walk right into a brick and motor branch of the bank that issued you the card. A card application process is similarly easy. All you need to do is fill a card application form either online or physically, sit back and wait for your debit card.

After the application, most debit card issuers mail your card after 7 to 10days.However, if you want to receive the card faster, you can request the issuer to use expedited shipping. It is important to find out if you will be charged more for using this service. To ensure that your card does not draw unwanted attention, the debit card company will send it in a white envelop or in a box.

Here Are the Steps Involved In Receiving a Debit Card

  • You will receive your debit card in the mail
  • On the card, you will find a sticker with the activation instructions.
  • You can activate the card either online or through the phone
  • Wait for a message which informs you that the activation is successful

The activation process should not take more than a few minutes.

So How Do You Go About The Process Of Activate Your Chase Debit Card?

As earlier stated, you can activate your debit card either through the phone or through the issuer’s website. When you are activating the card through your phone, you should call from the number which you gave during the application process. If you call from another number, the activation might be delayed or denied altogether.

Activating Your Chase Debit Card

Since you now have a pretty good idea about the activation process of a debit card, let us dive right into the details of activating your Chase bank debit card.

As earlier stated, many people opt to use debit cards issued by Chase bank since the application process is simple and the bank has some amazing services and products. It is also easy to manage and use the card.

When you receive your card from the bank, it is a must that you activate it otherwise you will not be able to carry out any financial transaction with the card.

You can either use the phone or activate it through the bank’s website. However, if you find the activation process tricky, it is possible to call the customer care representatives and they will gladly walk you through the process. Alternatively, you can simply walk into any Chase bank branch.

Method 1-  Activate Your Chase Bank Debit Card

Remove it From The Envelop

When you receive your card from the bank, you obviously have to remove it from the envelope. You will also find the terms of service of the card and a list of benefits associated with it. It is important to activate your card as soon as possible after receiving it- otherwise the bank will assume that the card somehow got lost and they will deactivate it.

Call The Debit Card Activation Number Which is Provided

It is easy to find the debit card activation number. The number is written on a sticker attached to the front side of the card. Dial the number to start your activation process using your phone. As earlier stated, it is important to use the same phone number that you indicated in your card application forms. If the numbers are different, you might have to answer more security questions.

  • The bank might ask for certain information

Once you call the activation number, the bank might ask you to call or say your debit card number. You might also be requested to give the last four digits of your Social Security Number or to give your date of birth. The bank might also ask the answers to the security questions you were asked when making the debit card application.

Some of the most common security questions are pretty easy to remember.

  • Option for reward activation

A Chase debit card does come with a bonus activate option. During the first activation process, you will be asked if you want to activate the bonus. You can choose to activate the bonus or decline. The choice is entirely yours to make.

Once your card is activated, you can now remove the sticker and use your Chase bank debit card for purchases.

Also, make sure that you sign your debit card. There is a designated place at the back of your debit card where you should append your signature.

Method 2- Using The Banks’ Website

Verify the card by visiting the bank’s website. The URL or website address of verifying the card is found at the back. If you already have an online Chase bank account, then you should simply log into your account to activate your debit card.

However, if you do not have an online account with the bank, do not worry since creating one is really easy.

Below is the information that you will need to provide when creating the account.

  • The number of your new debit card
  • Your Tax Identification number or your social security number
  • Your email address

Log into your account

Once you create your online account, log in. You will be directed to your account’s home page where you should click “My Accounts”. Select the debit card that you want to activate. The system will prompt you to activate the card.

Congratulations, you have successfully activated your debit card through online.

Trying The Activation the Second Time

Call The Bank

At times, the activation might not go through the first time round for a number of reasons. Maybe you called from a different phone number than the one you indicated on your application form.

Should this happen, do not give up. Instead use the same number you indicated on your application form to make a call to the bank a second time. What if you cannot remember the telephone number you indicted in your application forms? What should you do? Well you should visit a physical Chase branch to have the issue resolved.

One of the best things with Chase bank is that they have excellent customer service and your issue will be resolved amicably and with speed.

If you cannot get the time to go to a bank, then you might as well get assistance by calling the banks customer care number. The number is usually at the back of the card. You can also reach the bank through 1-800-432-3117.

Through Your Online Bank Account

Another way by which you can contact the bank if you have a problem activating your card is through your online bank account. Select the “Secure Messages” tab and compose a message informing the bank that you are having trouble activating your debit card.

Please note, when going to get help from a physical Chase bank branch, make sure to carry all the documentation associated with the card plus the card itself. Doing so will make the process of rectifying the issue faster and simpler.

Activate Chase Debit Card

Chase Bank Debit Card Designs and Rewards

Now that you are informed on the process of activating your Chase bank debit card, wouldn’t it be fun to know how you can receive it in some pretty interesting designs. We bet it is!

To enhance customer experience, Chase bank offers personalized debit card designs. On top of that, they also offer their customers some discounts on purchases they make using the card.

Types of Chase Debit Card Designs Available

Chase bank offers different debit card designs to keep things a little bit interesting. The catch though is that all the designs have a Disney Land and Star Wars theme.

Below are the debit card designs that the company offers:

  • Mickey Mouse debit card
  • Disney’s Cinderella’s Castle debit card
  • Frozen debit card
  • Mickey Mouse gang debit card
  • Star wars – Darth Vader debit card
  • Star Wars- BB-8 debit card

Some Other Facts You Should Know About Chase Custom Design Debit Cards

It is absolutely free to get a Chase bank custom design debit card. It is also very easy to order your free debit card from the bank. For normal shipping, you will receive your custom card within 5 to 7 business days. However, if you want to receive it in 2 business days, you can pay $5 for expedited shipping. If you want a business debit card, then you will have to settle for the normal debit card as custom designs are not yet available for business debit cards.

Chase Bank Debit Card Discount

There is more good news – you can get really fine discounts with Chase bank debit cards. However, the discounts do have some terms and condition. It is therefore important to understand the terms before claiming the discounts.

Below are the discounts you get with Disney Land debit cards from Chase bank.

  • You can make a 10% saving on some items when you make purchases on and Disney store.

All types of assorted goodies are available at Among the cool items found in the store include toys, cloths, and home appliances. Another great item to find at the store is Disney themed costumes for your little ones. At times, the discount includes free shipping.

  • Get discounts when you dine

Would it not be awesome to have a great meal at a discount? Well, that is possible thanks to the 10%discount that Chase bank gives you when you eat at certain locations at Walt Disney World Resort. However, you will not get any discount on booze, holiday buffets, non-alcoholic beverage, room service and tobacco.

What Should You Do To Enjoy These And Other Amazing Perks That Chase Bank Offers?

  • Carry your debit card at all times

To enjoy some of these perks, you will need to show your Chase bank debit card.

  • Mention the discounts

If you are at a place where you are entitled to a discount, make sure that you point this fact out otherwise you might miss the opportunity.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Debit Card


One of the greatest factors to consider when choosing a debit card is security. It is important to understand that the card is directly tied to your checking account. As such, it is critical to get your card from a financial institution that offers secure cards.

Another mistake that you should avoid is writing down the PIN or Personal Identification Number of your card. When you write down your PIN, this information can land into the wrong hands and you might lose all your hard earned cash.

Additionally, do not choose a very easy and simple to guess PIN like 1111 or 1234. Choose a combination that is more complicated.

Can You Use The Card Internationally?

Another important factor to consider while getting a debit card is its usability. You can only use some debit cards domestically. Therefore, if you travel often, it is important to get a debit card which allows international transactions.

Chase Debit Card Fees

With debit cards, you are not charged any fees since you are using cash which you have in your checking account. But, fees might apply if you overcharge your card. If you have $3500 in your bank account and you want to make a purchase of $3600, what happens? Well, if you use your debit card for the purchase, you will overdraw your account.

Different banks charge different overdraft fees and so you should check on this fee when selecting a debit card in case it is necessary to overdraw your account. Additionally, different financial institutions have different overdraw limits. It is also important to check on the limit.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Importance Of Activating Your Debit Card?

One of the greatest reasons why debit card issuers require you to activate your debit card is to eliminate chances of fraud and debit card theft. The activation process ensures that the card has arrived at the hands of the right person.

What are Chase Bank debit card offers?

Chase bank has offers and discounts on their debit cards. You do not need to have a voucher, a coupon or to register to enjoy these discounts. All you need to do is present your Chase bank debit card and claim the available discounts or offers.

How do I know if my debit card is eligible for the offers?

Well, it is important to confirm if your debit card is eligible for the offers. The good news though is that doing so is pretty easy. You can check your cards eligibility through Chase bank mobile app, or through the Chase Pay app.

Is there registration for Chase debit card offers?

More good news! You do not to register your debit card to enjoy Chase discounts and offers. If your card is eligible, you go straight ahead and enjoy the discounts.

What if I have more than one Chase bank debit card, what happens in the case of the offers?

Even if you have more than one debit card with the bank, each card is treated on its own merit.

Why do I see few or no offers at all?

Offers are only available to card holders who have indicated a US address as their primary home or business residence. Additionally, the more you use the card, the more offers will you receive.

Final Recap

Chase Bank is one of the leading financial institutions in the United States. As such, the bank has very customer friendly services and products. One such product is the Chase bank debit card. A debit card is very important as it provides security since you do not carry cash around. You can use your card to make purchases both online and offline. However, before you can use your debit card, you need to activate it.

We believe that you are now knowledgeable on the process of activating your Chase debit card.