How To Easily Activate MetroPCS Phone Without Paying

The choice for a good cellular network provider is critical decision with far reaching ramifications. We are leaving in a global village all this made possible by innovations. One of the things that have contributed to the success of this evolution are the mobile phones. Powered by networks, mobile phones have become irreplaceable part of humanity. That’s why the choice of network carrier is very important for successful communication.

One of the strongest carriers in the world right now is the MetroPCS. Also popularly known as MetroPCS by T-Mobile after its acquisition by T mobile, MetroPCS is a strong network carrier. They are spread across various parts of the country than others with competitive plans on prepaid tariffs. These are some of the reasons why many people would opt for a MetroPCS phone. To start enjoying without paying MetroPCS services, the first thing you must do is to activate your mobile phone. This is a simple process that the company doesn’t charge you anything. However, in case you want to opt out of the subscription and move to other networks, you must pay a $15 activation fees.

Without much further ado, let’s look at that most important part after receiving your MetroPCS phone-The activation process. It is the gateway that will allow you to start enjoying new services. Might be you are activating a new phone, or switching from another network carrier to MetroPCS. Both services are free and take almost similar steps. So, to activate your phone, follow these steps and you’ll be a subscriber to Metro by T-Mobile within minutes;

Activate a MetroPCS New Phone Without Paying

There are different methods you can use to activate your new MetroPCS mobile phone. The straightforward one is going to the company store. From there, the agents guide you on the procedures to activate the phone depending on the model and the design. On the other hand, you can decide to walk the do it yourself route. If you choose the latter, you can get in touch with the customer care on phone or log in on the online portal to activate your gadget remotely.

The first thing before starting the activation process, you should ensure that you have all the information about the phone. Such details include the model, Serial number, SIM card and account pin. You’ll also need the account details like the address and name. Whichever method you choose, the following steps are common and you must undertake them with utmost keenness. Otherwise the activation process may not go through.

Serial Numbers

You need the serial number for both the phone and the SIM card. You can find the SIM card serial number on the card plate or on the card itself. The phone serial number also known as the IMEI can be found on different points depending on the phone model. Some have their IMEIs inscribed under their batteries, the retail box and also the device settings menu. You can also dial *#06# directly on the phone to get the IMEI.

Insert SIM Card

To activate your phone, you need a metro SIM card. To insert the sim card, you can check the user manual on where its slot is located. Different models and makes have their slots on different positions. Other than struggling to find the hardcopy user manual that you may have misplaced, you can check the online manual. Select your phone model online and study the design to establish the slot position. Ensure you have the pin to open the SIM card slot if your phone requires so.

Choose the Plan

After inserting the sim card, next is choosing the best plan with the favorable charges. This is all about comparison for different services including the voice and data charges. Something to note about the plans though; you shouldn’t get stuck here as the plans are changeable. So, no matter which plan you choose, you can definitely change it to another whenever you feel like. Compare the various plans available then make your decision depending on your preference and needs.


This is the final stage before you can join the network fully. The method you use here depends on your convenience and flexibility. As stated above, you can activate the phone on your own or go to the MetroPCS stores.

1. Activating at the MetroPCS store

If you have a MetroPCS local store at your neighbourhood, you may find walking down there easier. So, armed with the vital information about your phone, go to the store and explain your intentions to the agents there. They will request you to provide the information and within minutes your phone will be active. The good thing is that MetroPCS doesn’t charge anything for the process.

2. Remote Activation

you can also decide you don’t want to go to the store physically and opt to use the remote methods. These include calling the MetroPCS customer care or using the company website for activation.

To call the customer care, dial 1-888-863-8768from another phone other than the one you are activating. You’ll be asked to provide your information like name, address and the phone information like the IMEI.

The other remote method is logging into the company website and doing all the activation on your own. Once on the website, click on the activation link and you’ll be prompted to enter your information and that of the phone. The information requested is used to create your MetroPCS account.

Activate MetroPCS Phone Without Paying

Switching MetroPCS Phones

Sometimes, existing members can decide to switch their MetroPCS phones. The company doesn’t charge you for this and they’ll reconfigure your account with the new number. There so many reasons why people switch their phones including technology obsolesce and better services. Remember technology grows and the kind of applications that topped ranks two years ago may have already become irrelevant. And those stick to the old ways don’t enjoy the utmost benefits of technological advancements. For these reasons, you’ll find people changing their phones once in a while. A change in device needs a bit of configuration to start working and reflect on your MetroPCS account.

The first thing for this process should be removing the SIM card from the phone and put in your new phone. You can use the SIM removal tool if required, to ensure there are no breakages at this stage. Once you’re sure that the card is in place, power on your new mobile phone and give it time. The whole switching process takes about 10 minutes then your SIM card will reflect.

Depending on the model of the phones you are switching between, you need to recover your data from the old phone. The switch could be between an android/android, iPhone/android and or iPhone/iPhone. If you are switching iPhones, you recover your data from the iCloud. For Android phones, you recover the data from the Google drive.

Switching to MetroPCS Network

MetroPCS allows people to migrate their phones to their network. People can change their network for various reasons. Especially people with locked phones, it is very hard for them to enjoy diversified plans. These carriers restrict their customers to only their network and even if their networks aren’t the best, customers have nothing to do. So, instead of unlocking your phone, you can decide to switch your device to a new carrier with the same phone number. This process is a bit rigorous than the others.

The MetroPCS allows various activation procedures for such a move. You can either go to their store or try completing the process on your own. You must provide your card information from your out of taste carrier. Therefore, you need to contact your carrier and ask for your current account details and PIN if you don’t know them. Whether you go to the store or you use the Metro’s self service page, you need this information.


Does MetroPCS charge for phone activation?

No. You can activate your MetroPCS phone without paying. However, people migrating from the carrier to other networks must pay $15 fees.

Can MetroPCS activate my phone without service?

Yes. MetroPCS allows phone activation even without service. All you need to do is call MetroPCS customer care number and they will activate your phone without paying. The other way is by visiting their store.

Can one mobile phone have more than one IMEI?

IMEI stands for international mobile station equipment identity and it uniquely identifies a mobile phone internationally. Every mobile phone has a unique IMEI. However, if you have a dual SIM phone, every slot has a different IMEI from the other. So, only in search instances a single phone can have two IMEIs.

How can I bring my phone to MetroPCS network?

Simple, you first need to check whether your phone model is compatible with MetroPCS. It should also unlock so that it can connect with metro network. In case it is still locked, contact our network carrier for a green-light to change the carrier. However, you should be aware that some carriers may charge you for this process.

Can I use my new MetroPCS SIM card on another phone and work?

Yes, it is possible. The fact that the both devices are from the same carrier there are no complication. However, you may have to reach out to Metro by T mobile to configure your SIM factor if they are different.

Is there a danger in someone having your IMEI?

Yes. An IMEI identifies your phone uniquely and in the event, someone acquires your mobile IMEI, they can report it as a stolen phone. If that happens, your phone will be rendered useless as the carrier will deactivate it.

How long does it take to activate a MetroPCS phone?

A MetroPCS activation takes minutes although in some rare instances, the process can take up to 24 hours.

Does MetroPCS allow SIM swapping?

Yes. You can swap SIM cards between different mobile phones as long as they belong to the same carrier. Also, you can swap SIM cards between unlocked phones. These are phones not restricted to certain network carriers.


There are several network carriers and MetroPCS is one of the leading giants in the communication sector. Their mobile phones are from top brands and it’s a pride of many people. Therefore, it is not uncommon to find people searching for their services. Whether you want to activate your new MetroPCS phone or migrate from other networks, the service you get without paying. As long as you follow all the rules and laid out policies, you should get your device on air within a matter of minutes.

If you try all the MetroPCS advised methods and fail to activate your device, going to their stores is the best option. Therefore, if you have made up your mind to use metro by T mobile network, nothing should stop you.