Android N

Android N, the first preview version has already gone out. Yes, of course, brings with it comes many new features. Although it’s the first preview version of Android 7.0. Then slowly there will be many more features that can be expected. I am telling you that I will discuss here are the features that according to a Google official. There is no reason to doubt it. Let’s get to know all of the interesting features of the new Android N.

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Android N Features

According to the Google developer conference, next May 18th was supposed to release a preview version of the new Android. Google suddenly two months before its release date, the Android 7.0 release on March 9. With the release of the preview version of the Nexus series of devices are eligible for support. Currently, the Nexus 5 X, Nexus 6, Nexus 6 P, 9 Nexus, Nexus 9 G, Nexus player and pixel C the devices on the official OTA update of Android 7.0 has been given the opportunity to update the preview version. List of devices supporting the Android developer site has been published. According to the list at the top of this model, you have a Nexus phone, then you with the official OTA update you can easily check the Android N. Moreover, the devices listed elsewhere in this preview version, you can use without having to flash. I gave below official Flash link. You can download according to your devices.

  • Nexus 5 x
  • Nexus 6
  • Nexus 6 P
  • Nexus 9
  • Nexus 9 LTE (4G)
  • Nexus Player
  • Pixel C

These all model Nexus phone Android N Flash File like here. Download

Also, add new devices to update the Flash file can be downloaded from here. This new version of Android, allowing will be the last version of the Google Nexus devices. Then pretty soon after 6 months or more, other Android device makers companies and will be given updated. Let’s see at a glance the significant features.

Android N Multi Window Mode

Android N multi window

Yes, friends, this preview version of the multi-window feature has been confirmed. this feature set of the supporting apps, side by side will be able to keep in multiple windows open at once. Moreover, the window of values will be dragged large or small. If you want each window can be expanded up to a minimum size. This feature has been seen before in a variety of OEM devices. Samsung devices, through the custom ROM, the multi-Window feature was kept. But this time, Google is the official way, multi-window mode feature for Android released. Below from YouTube video, the multi-window mode is given a picture.

Even More Suitable For Tablets

Android N, specially tailored for tablets has been made. It remains for tablets, the split screen mode is also real push for tablet-optimized apps, customizable nav buttons, DPI switcher, stock floating mini-apps and user interface changes have been noticeable.

The New Android N Settings Menu

Android N Settings Menu

Android N has formed a new settings menu. Whatever part of the menu you enter into simply touch the left, the primary settings menu will appear. Therefore, in order to enter the new settings menu, you do not have to repeatedly tap or hit the back button. Suppose you’re in the display settings and notification settings you want to go, then just drag it from the left, will come to the main Settings menu, and from there you can go directly to the notification settings.

DOS Mode Are Also Has Been Extended

Dos mode features a feature which was like all Android marshmallow user. This feature upgrade also has Android N. dos mode now works two ways. That is, when you stop using your phone slightly, Dos Mode will be launched. Keep your phone in your pants pocket or bag Always be able to enjoy the dos mode. Another part will work as before. That is, if you do not use the phone for a long time, the phone will go deep hibernation mode. The data can be saved and battery.

The New Notification Menu With The Quick Settings

Android N quick settings

The new notification menu has been seen mainly two changed. One Quick Setting, where you have WiFi, Bluetooth, battery saver, etc., such as a total of 5 quick things you can toggle. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, you can from here ON and OFF directly. Long press on the flashlight, the camera will be ON. Notification menu has brought noticeable changes. Notification menu, default has been made with the full interface. Eligible for support from the notification of the application, you can reply. Suppose Gmail app came from a new mail notification. You can reply to the email notification, and be able to archive.

If you do not want to see any of the app’s menu notification, however, if you swipe a gear icon appears to the left of the notification. From the gear icon and dislikes apps,  notification giving will be blocked. The quick Settings menu has been added, several pages features. Where you different settings shortcuts  can be based on different pages. This means that normally can do is to keep you in 5 quick options, as well as the large quick menu you can expand.

Android N Changes Display Size

Android N, your devices is the ability to change the display size. To change the display size to go Settings> Display> Display Size. The display size from the slider, you can change the size easily.

Faster Apps Optimization

Android 7.0 includes fleet optimization facility of apps. And with her lollipop, KitKat, has been compared to reduce the booting time. When an app will be launched for the first time, the data will be saved in memory, so that the next time do not use the time it takes to load. To save the data on the memory, each time will boot much faster.

Android N Recent App Multi-Tasking

Android N through the recent app multi-tasking feature easily recent apps will be able to multi-tasking. Suppose, you have to open the Gmail app for reading e-mail. There is a link in the e-mail you will need to visit. Now, for visiting this link, you did use the Chrome browser. Then you, the Recent Apps Gmail and Chrome browsers. Now, this two apps you just double tap the multitasking button you can switch to each other. Recent apps multi-tasking feature to better understand, you can watch the video below.

Android N The New Data Saver Feature

Android N, has been added, a new data saver features. Which will give you the bulk of the data saved control? When you do this feature on, the phone all backgrounds syncs will be closed, and the only some necessary apps sync, will be on. This feature will only block the app’s data servers, it is not, but the background will set a limit on the data so that the less than data costs.

Important Information On The Lock Screen

I think it is a very important feature, which can be found in the Android N. Through this feature on the lock screen of your full name, address, date of birth, blood type, etc., like a lot of important information will be kept. Suppose that the place was in an accident where someone does not know you, and you have been seriously injured. There, this information will help to make your true identity. To do this, do not need to unlock the phone.

Android N or Android 7.0 Full Name

Android N, or Android 7.0, the full name has not yet been set. While it is true that This Android version of the 016 is going to stir the market. Various websites, the name of Android 7.0 Nutella has could be believed.