Android version

Android smartphones that run different Android Version. The world’s most popular operating system is Android. This mobile operating system has created by Google. Interestingly, from the beginning until now, the version of the Android operating system has all of the names have been kept in the name of some sweet dishes.

Why is the name of the mobile operating system named a sweet dishes? Have you ever this curiosity? If so, then you will be disappointed. Because Google officials said that they had fun. And to do that now has become the rule. However, the Android first two version of the names, it was not as sweet fruit. This is the starting of the third version.

Android OS Version

Google former spokesman, “Randall” Sarafa technical website Android Authority, said: “It’s actually Teams of Android developer, at their inner matter. Much of the time it’s been fun. However, a variety of sweet dishes named after the name of the Android version, but it is arranged in a sequence of characters.

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However, Android this two versions 2.0 and 2.1 was named Eclair. The first two versions of the name in the name of sweet dishes, but had to keep sequences A and B.

Until now, Android version has been released. You can take a look at the names. It will be known the names of many sweet dishes.

List Of Android Version Name

  1. Alpha (A)
  2. Beta (B)
  3. Cupcake (C)
  4. Donut (D)
  5. Eclair (E)
  6. Froyo (F)
  7. Gingerbread (G)
  8. Honeycomb (H)
  9. Ice Cream Sandwich (I)
  10. Jelly Bean (J)
  11. KitKat (K)
  12. Lollipop (L)
  13. Marsamyalo (M)
  14. Android N (N)

These sweet dishes were kept in place by a sculpture, in California’s Mountain View headquarters. Such as Google Android, Apple mobile operating system as the name of IOS. Apple developers IOS different versions of the code name, the name of the feline, such as Cheetah, Jaguar, Panther, Lion etc.