Android vs IOS

Android or iOS, which smartphone is better? Many types of opinions, can be found. Some say iOS, someone Android. Recently, Google Android OS lost to Apple iOS devices, iPhone and iPad, recently conducted a study has found. Mobile Surveillance organization Blancco Technology Group (BTG) of the survey has been conducted, Apple made the device is less reliable. The failure rate of the iPhone and iPad more than Android devices reported the Independent. The new version of IOS, due to iOS 10 bug the failure rate is increased, they said.

Android Device

The problems with the software, compared to Apple iOS, Google operating system users experience is good. In the third quarter of this year, 62 percent iOS device were the failure, Statement said. Where Android devices failure rate was 47 percent. Here ‘failure’ has meant that the device software caused the crash.

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iPhone 6 most commonly seen in the failure rate. The maximum amount of 13 percent. Then iPhone 5S, and 6S, the failure rate is 9 percent. In this case, the device is too hot, the most common complaint of iPhone users. Then iPhone app has crashed 15 percent and 11 per cent occurred headphones problem, Said.

IOS Device

BTG report, “If the iOS device, the temperature at a certain level, then its harmful effects can be seen in the performance of the device.” In the third quarter, iOS device most frequently crashed Facebook photo-sharing app “Instagram”. 14 percent of the devices the app is problems. Then 12 percent device “Snapchat” and 5 percent devices “Pokemon GO” has crashed.

The high failure rate of the Android device Samsung 11 percent.