Apple App Quietly

Recently Apple App Store has given almost every mobile software tools. You can remember, with the exception, curiously, an official Apple support for apps. That is up to now.

Apple has created a new support app “Quietly” , it was published on Tuesday on Apple app store in Utilities Category.

Apple Support App Quietly

Although this application has been presented in the English language, Because of this writing, it can be found in the Netherlands Apple App Store and it cannot be shown in U.S.  app Store searches.

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Among the features of the app, Apple support document to search for an option, Based on Apple device owners, In addition, the ability to do what looks like a genius bar appointment to set up a brick and mortar Apple Stores.

Apple Support App Quietly

The application is also proposed, the option to start a chat with a support staff. This new app’s look had spread by the product Hunt. But Apple did not immediately respond to a U.S. version of the App Store.