Backpack With Charger And USB Port For Multipurpose Usage

Technology has become a quintessential part of our life for sure. You might forget your car key but I can guarantee that you will never miss your smartphone unless you are completely overwhelmed by some difficult situation. These days, it seems like people might survive with air but not without their personal digital effects.. Apart from being addictive, these devices are rather power hungry. Despite intense research from tech companies, the scenario hasn’t changed much.

So, if you forget to charge your phone (believe me, people may never forget their phone but often they forget to charge their phone) the next you will be in a predicament no doubt. The power banks are a good option for such incidents but they are bulky and can be difficult to carry sometime.

To improve the situation, a new range of products has emerged recently, backpack with built-in charger. The backpacks are gaining popularity as professionals seem to be ditching briefcases for them. As a result, the men’s backpack sales grew to $385 million and women’s to $ 311 million. This trend has motivated  popular luggage manufacturers to release backpack lines to meet the consumer demand for stylish bags that go with any formal attire and occasion. The smart backpacks are an evolution of this fashion trend.

What Are Charging Backpacks Built-in ?

Smart backpacks look almost the same as an ordinary backpack except they are more hi-tech. They are capable of charging your phone and other digital battery operated devices, getting power from the sun, deter thieves, and many more depending on the model.

But the basic built-in feature of any charging backpack is a battery bank to store charge for your gadgets and devices like iPhones, iPads, androids, wearable smart watches and even laptops too. The charging outlets are inside as well as the outside, so that you can charge your device when you keep it inside your bag or in your pocket.

How Does A Backpack Charger Work?

The primary mechanism of charging is no different than an ordinary power bank. A large array of high power batteries store the charge for the devices. Now, if you are wondering what all the fuzz are about…. When you can buy an ordinary backpack and power bank to do the same job. The answer to your question is style, safety and comfort.

There are two types of charging backpacks, one with built-in batteries and other with USB cables only and no battery. These backpacks arrange the charging wire internally and charging outlets are positioned carefully to facilitate you to charge your device internally or externally without compromising the integrity and outlook of the backpack. Without this feature, you will be carrying an awkward looking backpack with all the wires dangling here and there.

Since this is a competitive market, the manufacturers provide lots of attributes rather than just the basic functionality. Most of these backpacks are made from water resistant material or have additional rain covers to protect your gadgets from rain. Some of them are slash-proof to prevent burglary. They have multiple sockets and large enough battery banks to charge multiple devices simultaneously. Those battery banks can be recharged from standard household power outlets, car batteries or built-in solar panels.

The internal electronics can be pretty advanced, too.  There are temperature sensors to detect the temperature inside the bag while charging your device to protect any unwanted incident. A shorted out battery can get overheated and cause fire. The smartphone app and RFID are available for some models. You can monitor your devices and track them if they are lost via that app or RFID tag.

Backpack With Charger

What To Consider Before Buying A Backpack With Charger


Canvas and nylon fibers are the first choice for backpacks. Whatever the materials are, they have to be water resistant, scratch and tear proof and slash proof. Besides it has to be lightweight and capable of preventing overheating

Stylish and durability

These backpacks are mostly neutral looking and fit for school, office, and travel. Again, due to lots of variety available, you can choose according to your taste. There are many pockets and compartments to organize other stuff like water bottles, clothes, small items etc. and they can be very helpful while you are packing for a tour.

Besides being stylish, they have to be tough, scratch resistant, and waterproof if you want to carry them through rough terrains. You definitely don’t want to waste money on cheap disposables.

Lightweight and portable

The portability is essential for charging backpacks otherwise you might not be able to carry it in an airplane with you and putting laptop and other electronics in the luggage compartment of the plane is a terrible idea.

Since you have to carry it by yourself sometimes, backpack’s own weight could be an issue. If you are hiking with your backpack for hours, even 10 grams can make a difference.

Resistant to various climatic conditions

You may start your journey when the weather is fine but there is no guarantee that you will return dry. So, in order to protect your devices, the backpack must withstand difficult weather.


Electronics gadgets don’t agree with water and hence the charging backpacks have to be waterproof. Some backpacks are made of waterproof materials and others have extra rain cover. All the backpacks don’t offer the same degree of protection even though they are waterproof. Ask the vendor about this factor before purchasing.

Power Source

If your backpack includes a battery, it’s ampere hour rating is important. The larger the rating, the more electric charge is at your disposal when you are outside. But it will take longer to charge itself. These ratings vary from 22,400 mAh to 10,400 mAh. With these charge ratings, the backpack can charge multiple devices simultaneously.

Powerbank (battery)( purchase additionally)

Some backpacks don’t include batteries and you have to purchase them additionally. All you get is internal wiring and charging outlets. You have to manage a decent power bank individually.


For a high-end charging backpack, it may cost you around $100 to $300. Cheaper options are available. There are some decent products under $70 which don’t include batteries. But they are both practical and functional. .

10 Best Backpack With Charger

1. BOPAI Business Backpack With USB Charger Port And Anti-Theft

This multipurpose backpack is suitable for business, travel, school or office. Inside, there are 5 internal pockets along with a computer pocket of soft flannel where a 15.6 inch laptop will fit. There is also a hidden security pocket with a zipper. It’s user-friendly design allows a laptop-in-bag TSA scan and there is a strap at the back to tie it with a luggage pull rod. It is made of microfiber leather and ballistic nylon and it’s waterproof. The backside is made of dense and soft sponge to let the air flow. Inside space is around 20 L.

BOPAI Business Backpack With USB Charging Port and Anti-Theft
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  • TSA friendly
  • Waterproof
  • Multipurpose
  • Breathable back
  • No battery included

2. CrossGear Anti Theft Backpack With USB Charger Port

The crossgear anti theft laptop backpack CR-9007IBK guarantees safety of your important items by dual metal zipper and a combination lock. It’s generous cargo space will expand from 20 L to 38 L and has a dedicated shoe compartment separated from the main space. There are USB 2.0 and microUSB ports with built-in charging cables. Padded back cushion and thick shoulder straps provide maximum comfort and air flow. The maximum size of laptop that will fit is 15.6 inch

CrossGear Anti Theft Backpack
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  • Large cargo space
  • Anti-theft measures
  • Comfort
  • Shoe compartment
  • No battery
  • Not TSA friendly

3. KOPACK Waterproof Anti Theft Backpack With USB Charger Port And Rain Cover

The KOPACK Waterproof Anti Theft Laptop Backpack has double rain protection. It’s made from water resistance material and there is a rain cover stored at the bottom pocket. To prevent burglary, there is no chain or pocket in front and the main chain is well hidden. There are also hidden pockets for accessories. The other features are built-in USB port, convenient card slot, especially designed bottom which is slip resistant and luggage belt for attaching the backpack with luggage handle rod. The laptop compartment has shock proof padding.

KOPACK Waterproof Anti Theft Backpack USB Charging Port with Rain Cover
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  • Sock proof laptop pocket
  • Water resistant
  • Anti theft
  • Slip resistant
  • No battery
  • Not slash-proof

4. YOREPEK TSA Backpack With USB Charger Port And Headphone Hole

YOREPEK TSA friendly backpack is praiseworthy for it’s extra large cargo space. You can even pack two laptops at a time in the main zippered compartment. The rated capacity is 45 L and a laptop of 17.3 inch will fit. Besides, there are more than 20 organizer pockets like sunglasses holders on the strap and others. For a quick TSA scan, it unfolds freely 90-180°.  Along with an external USB port and built-in charging cables, it has a headphone outlet hole. The back is designed for air flow and it’s rather comfortable because of its soft, multi-panel ventilated paddings. The adjustable shoulder strap has breathable soft paddings, too.

This backpack uses premium water resistant and durable polyester fabric. Once your backpack is full, there are side compression straps to keep things pace.

TSA Backpack With USB Charger Port
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  • Spacious interior
  • Convenient for airport scan
  • Heavy duty
  • comfortable
  • Chubby looking
  • No additional anti theft measure

5. Mancro College Backpack With USB Charger Port and Lock, Anti Theft & Water Resistant

Mancro college backpack is an excellent and practical choice for gift items. These backpacks are modest looking but sturdy and adopt measures like anti theft clasp with hidden design and RFID purse with 0.8 mm shielding material  to prevent theft. They are made of high density and water resistant polyester fabric and have two separate compartments: the main and the laptop compartment. The zippers are big and solid and have several organizing pockets like elastic mesh pockets for water bottles, a hook for keys, pen organizer etc. and these backpacks are very comfortable to carry. They have external USB chargers and internal charging cables.

Mancro College Backpack With USB Charging Port and Lock, Anti Theft & Water Resistant
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  • Price
  • Anti theft clasp and shielded RFID pocket
  • Durable and waterproof
  • Multiple organizers
  • Not TSA friendly
  • No headphone hole

6. Solgaard Lifepack With Solarbank or Boombox | Backpack, Powerbank & Bluetooth Speaker

The Solgaard Lifepack can be the solution for the integration of your work and life on the move. Although the built-in 4G solar panel needs 20 hours of strong exposure to sunlight, it can charge your laptop from zero to full even if you are marooned. It works on a cloudy day, too. To keep away the miscreants,it has a patented retractable cable lock and 4 secret pockets. With this cable lock, you can tie this backpack to a pole securely. This company is environment conscious, the backpack has inner lining made of recycled plastic bottles from the oceans. This backpack is freestanding and with a water resistant bottom. It has two separate main compartments, suitcase mount strap and USB adaptor.

Solgaard Lifepack With Solarbank or Boombox | Backpack, Powerbank & Bluetooth Speaker
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  • Solar charging
  • Integrated cable lock
  • Freestanding
  • Suitcase mount strap
  • Battery included (10,000 mAh)
  • Customer service
  • Not TSA friendly
  • Long time to charge using solar panel

7. MissFong Leather Diaper Bag Backpack With Usb Charger

MissFong’s Leather Diaper Bag Backpack is made of pure leather but the inner side is from 100% water resistant nylons. The water bottle pockets on the both sides are thermally insulated. It has one main pocket, USB adaptor, two external zipped pockets, 3 small pockets for phones and a meshed pocket for cosmetics and small accessories. It’s lightweight and comfortable posh backpack is for women only.

MissFong Leather Diaper Bag Backpack With Usb Charger
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  • Chic
  • Comfortable
  • durable
  • Insulated water bottle pocket
  • Laptop more than 14 inch won’t fit

8. Kopack Slim Business Computer Backpack With Anti-Theft, Water Resistant, Lightweight And USB Port

Kopack Laptop Backpack will keep you super organized as it has one laptop sleeve (which is behind the straps) along with 17 slots and protects your stuff with anti puncture, dual layer zippers. The built-in USB cable can be detached in case you have to replace it. The backpack’s fabric is water and tear resistant with excellent texture. To protect your spine, the shoulder straps are ergonomically designed to S shaped and have thick EPE padding. Also, padded back helps to maintain your posture when carrying the backpack.

Kopack Slim Business Computer Backpack With Anti-Theft, Water Resistant, Lightweight And USB Port
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  • Slim
  • Lightweight
  • Tough
  • Ergonomic design
  • Dual layered, extra toothed zipper.
  • Bottom has no extra padding
  • Only thin laptop will fit

9. AMBOR Anti Theft Business Backpack With USB Charging Port and Headphone Interface

AMBOR backpacks have large capacity to accomodate 17.3 inch laptops. There is another spacious packing compartment other than laptop sleeve large enough for your phone, books, clothes,folders, power bank, pen,wallet and other items. This backpack incorporates built-in combinational lock, durable zippers and hidden pockets as anti-theft measures. High quality anti-tear and water resistant eco friendly polyester fabric with high density nylon lining makes the backpack water resistant as well as tough. The backside is designed with thick and soft ventilated paddings to make the backpack more comfortable and breathable. The S curve shoulder straps have paddings, too. The luggage straps will securely attach the backpack to your luggage. There are built-in charging and audio cables along with an external USB port with audio jack to offer easy access to your devices.

AMBOR Anti Theft Business Backpack With USB Charging Port and Headphone Interface
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  • Built-in headphone jack
  • Large interior
  • Combination lock
  • Ergonomic design
  • Chest strap to lock the shoulder straps
  • Battery is not included
  • Not TSA friendly

10. Modoker Vintage Laptop Backpack With USB Charging Port

This laptop backpack has a great vintage looking exterior suitable for multiple occasions like office, school, travel, gym, etc.. It has a total 6 pockets and capacity of 25 L. High quality 600D nylon makes this backpack lightweight yet scratch-resistant, anti-tear & anti water splashing.

Modoker Vintage Laptop Backpack With USB Charging Port
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  • Stylish
  • Tough
  • price
  • Less cargo space
  • Batter is not included

FAQ -Frequently Ask Questions

How to charge your phone with a backpack that has a USB charger?

It’s rather simple, just plug in your device to the USB port using a USB cable. But, the power bank must have at least 50% charge to operate. You can recharge your backpack through the AC outlet of your home or car battery. Some backpacks have additional solar panels but they need long exposure to the sun.

What does the headphone symbol mean on my backpack?

This sign indicates the headphone audio cable outlet. You can put your portable audio device like ipod, ipad, smartphone, etc. inside the backpack and draw the audio cable out through that outlet and enjoy music on the run. The backpacks with internal audio cable where you can directly plug your device on the backpack’s audio jack are more preferable.

How do you carry your shoes in a backpack?

You have to be imaginative if you want to carry shoes in your backpack, otherwise a lot of valuable space will be wasted. These bags are not designed to carry heavy baggage and definitely not the shoes.

First of all , decide which pair should be packed. The heavy one should be weared and pack the flat,  light and flexible one.

Don’t stuff your shoes over your other belongings, as shoes are heavier than clothes and you will lose the balance. Put them in the vertical middle of your backpack and close to your back. So save space, interlock your shoes as they come packed in a shoe box. In this interlocking position, the left shoe’s toe will be touching the right shoe’s opening.

You can put soft items like socks, belts, underware, etc. inside your shoes before packing them.

What are the sizes of the backpacks?

Normally, these backpacks are the same size of a regular backpack. They have additional pockets with soft material padding for laptop computers.

Are the backpacks compact?

Yes, they are slim and compact. These backpacks fit under airplane seats. Initial volume of them is 20 liter but they can be expanded to 24 liter, 30 liter even 40 liter to accommodate your stuff. But their weight capacity should be considered before packing heavy stuff.

Is there a room for a laptop?

Yes. infact, there is a special compartment inside the backpack with soft padding and straps to protect laptops . A 15.6 inches laptop will fit in most of these backpacks. Some models are designed for 17 inches laptops

Is the bag convertible?

Some models are convertible. For example, Nomatic travel bags have extra two straps, so they can also be converted from backpacks to duffle carry easily.

Final Thoughts

Digital devices are an indispensable component of modern life. The charging backpacks can be a little more convenient as well as fashionable over traditional backpacks while you are carrying your gadgets in them.