6 Best Bike For 5 Year Old Boys & Girls [Reviews & Guideline]

Biking is not just fun or pleasure but it has a lot of positive impact on kid’s physical growth. Those kids 5 years old can ride a bike to increase physical activity and protect early obesity. It is also a part of education as biking teaches how to focus on study more expansively. There are a lot of guidelines to choose the best bike for 5 year old. Biking has also balance, coordination safety, and security issues.

Children can be capable of riding on toys but these toys are straddled and supported by their feet. This is the primary stage of reaching biking. Parents should be more careful to choose toys as the first lesson to be a biker and most of the children who are under 18 months are able to ride on toys. They can sit easily and back the toys according to their capability. These toys can be used on the floor of the building, not on the street.

Children 3 years old have completely capable of handling pedal and using the steering wheel. These children especially develop and enjoy tricycles by propelling by pedaling. Parents should decide to give tricycles if they are a perfect match with their body size to the tricycles. At this stage, training on bicycles can be provided to reach a perfect biker on the road.

Children 5 years old can be more balanced and have more coordination and experience to use a bike. So they can take training to ride a bike more safely and go to the street. They don’t like to go to toys as their primary lessons. They are more careful to take control of their bike.

It is also important to know that they don’t know the risks of riding a bike in the congested areas or streets where there are pedestrian, cars and many other vehicles. Riding on the street needs adult supervision and guide as well.

What factors you need to know children bike size guide before buying the best bike for 5 years old:

What size bike for 4, 5 year old

It is a common question when someone is going to buy a bike for 4, 5 years old. Size truly matters for the safety and security of the kids under 4, 5 years old. The too big or too small bike can lead to an imbalance which in turn may cause to accident and crush. So what size bike for 4 & 5 year old should be taken under consideration. Most famous brand manufacture 12”, 16” 20” and 24” tires for best bike for 5 year old. Most balanced bikes tend to be 12” tiers. On the other hand, 16” tiers size may be perfect in terms of body height for the kids who are 5 years old.

Seat Height

The seat is the most important issue to consider to take full control of the bike by the kids under 5 years old. It is true that most of the bike manufacturing companies don’t even consider the seat height of the bike for the kids. If you are parents and want your kids to be a biker, you have to make sure that seat height should perfect fit so that your kids’ feet can touch the ground easily. This height is important because kids can leave feet to take help from the ground to make sure they are not going to be imbalanced. There is no specific measurement of seat height but you may take your kids to the bike store to ensure perfect balance.

Stand-over Height

It is also important to take into consideration that stands over height plays a safe role while riding a bike. For safe riding, a rider must handle the top tube of the bike by several inches. This height takes control of the kid’s body while crossing the turn.

Bike Weight

Bike weight is another safety issue to avoid any type of accident. Most of the bikers can ride the bike that is accounting for 20% of their total weight. Whereas bikes for kids are normally 50% of their weight. For safety concern, it is not an exact weight. Less weight means more control over the bike while riding. So less than 40% of the kid’s total weight can be an ideal weight. So during buying any bike for your kids, you need to make sure the weight of the bike according to kid’s weight.

Frame Design

Frame design is also a more important factor to consider for kid’s bike. The distance between seat and handlebars should not be short that can cause discomfort or pain in the body. On the other hand, the distance between wheel to wheel should also be enough spacious to take over more stability and control over the bike. You need to take this important matter into consideration.

Brakes of the bike

Brakes are the most important part of any bike to the vehicle. Kids under 5 years old need to handle brakes every effectively. In case of speed, they have to know which brakes are perfect to take control of the bike. A bike has typically two important brakes like coaster and hand brakes.

Coaster brakes are a special rear hub for a bike that works two major functions. It leads the bike to roll without forcing and allow to stop by the backpedaling. If kids speed up the pedaling, it can work as a break with the inverse motion.

Hand Brakes are the most controlled and proper way to stop the bike. It is much more intuitive and effective than a coaster brake. Most importantly, hand brakes should be well designed for the hands of kids under 5 years old. Some bikes are not adjusted with the hands of kids as they may be smaller and weaker. Additionally, you should also make sure the right-hand brake to empower the rear tire and left-hand brake to activate the front tier. Kids need to learn the brake issue clearly when they are riding a bike.

Best 6 Bike For 5 Year Old Boys & Girls

Now we are recommending some notable bikes from famous brand. These bikes are completely designed with the needs of the kids under 5 years old.

1. Woom 2 Pedal Bike

Kids from 5 years can ride this bike very perfectly. This bike size is 14” which is the top requirement of the kids’ bike.  Before buying any bike, weight is an important factor because weight should be less than a kid’s body weight. Luckily this bike is only 12.3lb. According to kids’ height, this bike has been designed is 37” to 43”. These measurements are perfect for the children 5 years old.

Best Bike for 5 Year Old

This bike includes some key features like the light-weight aluminum frame, long wheelbase for stability and safety while riding, quality tiers and quick release seat post clamp.

There are brakes like front-rear hand V brake and coaster brake as well. Brakes are cautiously designed with the hands of children.

However, this bike can be best for beginners as there is no need to take training. Kids can learn how to ride independently. But adult may supervise how kids are riding this bike and provide some direction on how to ride safely.

2. Woom 3 Pedal Bike

Woom 3 pedal bike is the best bike for 5 year old and a perfect one. This is one of the best design from Woom brand. 16” Woom 3 is also a basic requirement for the kids 5 years old. The weight is another key issue to consider. Luckily this bike is only 12.7 lb which is less than kids’ by 40%.

Woom 3 Pedal Bike for 5 Year Old

This bike has strict safety issues. Part of this issue, Front and rear hand V-brake with freewheel feature. Brakes are designed and adjusted specifically for the kids.

There are some more features that can make you decide to buy this bike like the light-weight aluminum frame, long wheelbase that ensures more stability and control while riding, optimized for an upright riding position, high quality of tiers that cover the surface.

Kids can be physically weak in spite of riding safely due to the ergonomically imbalanced body set up. Luckily this bike is designed with the close pedal frame to provide the perfect fit for the kids’ body. So this bike company has developed narrow and child proportioned q-factor which means easier to pedal without splay.

3. Raleigh Bikes Lily 16 Kids Mountains Bike for Girls

This bike is designed just for girls 5 years old. The height of this bike only 39” that can fit the height of girls. The manufacturers have designed these bikes so that girls have no complicity while riding.

Raleigh Bikes Lily 16 for 5 Year Old

However, like Woom brand this bike is lightweight with an aluminum frame that has a low stand-over height for easily controlling the bike. More importantly, this bike has hand brakes which are called v-brakes that can control and stop the bike with more confidence.

More excellent features have added to be very unique for being a lower price. These include Jr. BMX padded seat and soft PVC grips to make sure your kids don’t fee trouble of ergonomics while riding this bike.

However, this bike is available at only $229 which is pretty a best bike for 5 year old to go Raleigh Bikes Lily 16 Kids Mountains Bike for girls.

4. Joystar 14 Inch Kids Bike for 3 4 5 6 years Old Girls

This bike is 14” that is fit for a girl. This bike is also designed with the needs of the girls who can ride perfectly. For this, there is shock-proof leatherette bike seat compared to any other seat that feels comfortable while riding. There is a small basket in front so that girls can keep something in that.

Joystar 14 Inch Kids Bike

This bike has a key feature like a roast brake that works to push the pedal backward and easily stop the bike in spite of having speed.

Girls below 6 years old can assemble easily and the tier needs a pump. This bike is made of premium steel to sustain this as durability, stability, and comfort that has also lifetime warranty.

While selecting your kid’s bike, this is going to be the best bike for 5 year old and also this one is surely going to be perfect. But you should take your kids to the shop to measure other things like size, weight, and length.

5. BMX Sporty Bikes for Big Kids Wild Style 16-18 Inch Thick Tires

this bike is specified for the kids who are 5 years old. It means if kids ride this bike with care, this bike can sustain for 2-3 years.

BMX Sporty Bikes

There are key features of this bike which are soft rubber grips, soft saddle and quick release adjustable seat post stem, 3-inch wide rubber antiskid cushion tier.

If your kids are too tall, there is no issue. They can adjust with this bike that has also 90% assembling, training wheels, pedals, and handlebar saddle bar to be assembled.

You choose this best bike for 5 year old to give a special gift for kids on the occasion of a birthday, Christmas or a good score on the academic result.

6. NiceC BMX Kids Bike with Dual Disk Brake for Boy and Girl 14-16 inch training Wheel

This bike is high quality and light in weight accounting for 17.6 lb. But this lightweight frame is heavy enough to retain strength while riding. As parents, you should always select a bike that is lighter than the weight of the kids. Lightweight bike is easy to control and prevent any injury caused by the accident.

NiceC BMX Kids Bike

This bike is designed with one frame and there is no welding single piece that may have crack after several months. It is stronger and more durable than any other bike in the market. It has also extra thick tires and training wheel that runs smoothly on any surface and there are multiple rubber layers that absorb shock from the ground. This tire is long lasting and stops you change a tire in a short time.

Brake System is awesome and safer because it has dual brake system like the traditional V-brake with disc brake which makes the bike smooth and safe.

Luckily you are going to get one year warranty which may be a cool deal. Your best gift to the kids for both boy and girl is surely this bike with low price. Price is not so high as you can buy this best bike for 5 year old at $129.99.

Final Outline

Biking really has increasing popularity around the world not just for an adult but for kids also as bikers can go a long distance without any obligation. There is no bindings to use transport or any other means of the vehicle. Bikers may use an alternative way of streets according to road safety guidelines.

Biking has a lot of positive impact on kid’s health to education. Those kids who are 5 year old are more focused on study and have a healthier life for a lifetime. It is not only a part of physical activity but also gaining knowledge from staying on the street. According to the study, it has been found that those kids who are biker can perform better than those who are not.

So buying a perfect and balanced bike is not easy if you don’t know children bike size guide. There are a lot of issues that an adult has to consider. So before your buying best bike for 5 year old, you need to read those factors or what size for 5 year old kids very carefully.