Best Cameras For Product Photography – Top Professionals Choice

As we are living in a world of internet, smartphones, applications and visuals; e-commerce made our consumer life easier saving time and hassles. We as consumers always follow the advertisements and buy our products whichever attracts us or fulfill our demands. And it is undeniably true that the first impression is the basic marketing of the modern e-commerce era. This is why professional Photography is one of the key elements in e-commerce marketing or we can name it as the front liner of e-commerce marketing. Let’s say the best shot from the best cameras is the best tool for a best-selling product photography .

An eye-catching detailed image can create the appeal of the product to the online shoppers. A good product shot makes people talk about it and buy the product. Since it is a digital presentation, camera configuration is very important for better performance in product photography. The best camera for product photography will always give you the expected result that can’t be ignored. So it is mandatory to select the best camera for product photography when you go for buying.

What Does A Particular Camera Mean For Product Photography?

A camera is for capturing images. But there are many forms of capturing images. Different forms require different technical configurations. Product photography is usually a combination of indoor artificial lights, Created backgrounds, small setups, and others. And these setups require particular cameras to adjust the combination. Any imperfection among the configurations of this particular camera or accessories could affect the details of the image.

It’s not important to buy an expensive camera for product photography, rather the compatibility is the main fact for product photography. There are thousands of models in the market but the best camera for product photography is to choose particularly because of its purpose.

Top 5 Best Cameras For Professional Product Photography

As you expect the best out of a product photography camera here are some best cameras mentioned bellow you can buy for your target features. These are top listed based on their performance, mesmerizing image quality and positive feedbacks from the top product photographers.

1. Fujifilm X-T2 – Cameras For Product Photography

The FUJIFILM X-T2 is the ultimate mirrorless digital camera. It delivers everything what you need. Its highly random pixel array effectively reduces moiré and false colors without the use of an optical low-pass filter. The X-Processor Pro image processing engine is so faster. The Grain Effect function can be combined with all Film Simulation modes to add a textured look and deliver a greater range of artistic effects.

The focus area can be changed in eight directions using the Fujifilm X-T2’s Focus Lever: up/down, right/left and diagonally. The Fujifilm X-T2’s body is made of magnesium alloy. The body features dual slots to accommodate two SD cards for highly reliable data storage.

Fujifilm X-T2 - Best cameras for product photography
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The Fujifilm X-T2 features a premium LCD screen that can tilt in three directions. Tilt it up and down when shooting in landscape, and upward when shooting in portrait. It produces high quality images and improves response times for shorter delays between shots, reduced shutter-release time lag and greater AF precision.

  • Dust and moisture resistant body
  • lightweight and robust body
  • high-speed continuous shooting, high-precision AF tracking, highly faster live
  • 15 modes are available
  • Tracking Sensitivity
  • Zone area Switching
  • Cannot record more than 30 minutes
  • Battery life is not too long

2. Sony Alpha a6000 – Cameras For Product Photography

Sony Alpha a6000 Mirrorless Digital Camera captures 11fps frames per second in continuous shooting mode with AF (Auto Focus) tracking by making the most of the wide-area 179-point phase-detection AF sensor. It’s higher resolution than most DSLRs and adopts the same gapless on-chip lens structure as the α7R for ultimate image quality and light sensitivity.

It enables greater natural detail, richer tonal gradations, lower noise and more realistic images whether you shoot stills or video. It enables greater natural detail, richer tonal gradations, lower noise and more realistic images whether you shoot stills or video.

Sony Alpha a6000 - Best cameras for product photography
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The interchangeable lenses and E-mount system make the α6000 more versatile than almost any other camera on the market. There are seven customizable buttons, which can be assigned any of 474 functions. The OLED EVF features a new optical system with four double aspherical lenses that deliver 100% frame coverage and a wide viewing angle (approx. 33°) for clear visibility from corner to corner.

  • 3MP detail and the world’s fastest auto focus6
  • Can shoot 11 photos in one second
  • It’s compact and easy to use
  • Two quick-access dials let you change settings on the fly.
  • Capture life in stunning high resolution with 24MP APS-C sensor
  • Better Images through BIONZ X processing
  • Poor battery life
  • The grip of the camera is poor

3. Nikon D7200 – Cameras For Product Photography

Nikon D7200 is the popular name, you can share your creative vision in stunning definition with Nikon’s first DSLR to feature built-in Wi-Fi and Near Field Communication. It brings your creative vision to life with photos and videos that shine with sharpness and clarity. You can shoot in nearly any light, from dawn until after dusk, and capture everything from sports and action to wildlife and everyday moments.

The D7200 produces remarkably pure, sharp photos and videos. Its 24.2 MP DX-format CMOS image sensor works together with EXPEED 4 image processing and NIKKOR lenses to enhance detail and tonality. This outstanding image quality is maintained all the way up to ISO 25,600 (two full stops higher than the D7200’s predecessor) for amazing low-light images.

Nikon D7200 - Best cameras for product photography
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You can use your smart device to browse photos on the D7200 and then share your favorites by text message, email or posting online. You can also use your smart device as a remote for the D7200.

  • AF system (with AF coupling and AF contacts)
  • No Optical Low-Pass Filter (OLPF)
  • 51 point autofocus system
  • 6 frames per second (fps) shooting capacity
  • Built in Wi-Fi and Near Field Communication (NFC) for instant sharing
  • Low light performance is poor
  • Bit complicated
  • Medium heavy

4. Canon EOS REBEL T7i – Cameras For Product Photography

Canon T7i is Perfect camera for film making / vlog or else. You will feel better for its lightweight and super easy to use, it’s actually quite small. For beginners and intermediates that’s a great thing, Buttons are exactly where you’d want them to be and easy enough to find. Built in Wi Fi, NFC and Bluetooth Lens used: EF S 18 55 millimeter f/4 56 IS STM (at focal length of 55 millimeter).

It has professional features in an easy-to-use and highly customizable package. With a 45-point all cross-type Optical Viewfinder AF system*, Dual Pixel CMOS AF with phase-detection, Canon’s legendary image quality and more, it lets you create whatever your imagination sees.

Canon EOS REBEL T7i - Best cameras for product photography
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Let’s turn this camera around now and take a quick look at the rear LCD screen. The T7i has a brilliant rear LCD screen. The Rear LCD Screen is also a touch screen, you can simply use your finger to quick change what you want. It’s very similar to using your phone and it’s also very responsive.

  • 242 Megapixel CMOS (APS C) sensor
  • Built in Wi Fi, NFC and Bluetooth Lens
  • High Speed continuous shooting
  • 45-point all cross-type Optical Viewfinder AF system
  • Variety of Lenses
  • Bluetooth is only for camera control, and pictures cannot be transferred via Bluetooth.
  • No headphone jack in these cameras

5. Panasonic Lumix ZS70 / TZ90 – Cameras For Product Photography

The powerful LUMIX ZS70 camera captures all the sights, scenes and emotions of your travels. This pocket-sized camera does it all in photos and videos, with vivid colors and details, just the way you remember them. the LUMIX ZS70 makes it easy to record every journey in up to 3840 x 2160p detail — four times the quality of Full HD. Capture more excitement, more life and more memories that will last for years to come.

The LUMIX ZS70 brings you right into the action. Its 24mm LEICA DC VARIO-ELMAR Lens includes 30x optical zoom (35mm camera equivalent: 24-720mm) to get you in close to everything that piques your interest.The camera’s Control Ring provides smooth manual control of the aperture, shutter speed, zoom and focus. It can easily be customized to handle your favorite settings.

Panasonic Lumix ZS70 - Best cameras for product photography
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Sometimes, harsh sunlight makes even the brightest camera screens difficult to view. The LUMIX ZS70 features a 0.2-inch 1,166k-dot LVF (Live View Finder) that activates automatically when you lift the camera to your eye, so you can see every detail, and capture the shot you’re looking for.

  • Focus Stacking
  • 180-degree tiltable monitor
  • A 20.3-megapixel, High Sensitivity MOS sensor
  • 5-Axis Optical Image Stabilization
  • Eye Viewfinder
  • No external battery charging station.
  • The dedicated viewfinder is small

Key Consideration before Buying a Camera for Product Photography

As a professional photographer you should consider some important features when you decide to buy a camera for product photography.

Manual Settings

Product photography is a customized photography since its professional work. Although every camera has auto settings, but professional photographers choose to use manual mood to control the aspects of images for a better shot. Every photographer has his own style of photography considering the light, area and product category. You will configure your camera in your way of need.

So you need to buy a camera having manual mood. Even if you are a beginner. It will not make you crazy because the guideline they provide will help you to adjust yourself with the mode. You will face issues like low light, focus shifting, motion blur, reflections and many other but manual mode will help you with the variable of ISO, shutter speed, aperture, focus options and many other features by adjusting suitable configuration. And white balance is another basic feature in camera to get the accurate natural color where you shoot the product. Thus you will get the accurate color and exact details of the subject.

Removable Lenses

Professional and renowned photographers use variety of lenses for every different shots. Thus they give us the best examples of product photography. You have to keep in mind that every product image requires a different kind of lenses to get the sharp and detail image. Product photography for e-commerce requires dSLR camera with interchangeable lenses that matters a lot to get sharpest image. So never think of buying camera for product photography without removable lens.

Number of Megapixels

We recommend you to buy camera with large number of megapixels. The greater megapixel will give you more detail image that will give you freedom to fine tune and edit without hampering image quality. Higher megapixels will allow you to crop the picture taking advantages of the details with less compression. Because in maximum cases the product image has to be printed in bigger scale and higher quality. So higher megapixel your camera has, the happier your client will be.


Your camera sensor is the determiner of your image quality. It receives the light and forms the image with the pixels. Highly sensitive sensors translate to a detailed and quality image even in low light photography. So it’s recommended to select a camera with higher sensitive sensors.

Low Light Performance

As a professional photographer, you will have to be able to shoot in both indoor and outdoor locations. That means you won’t always get the same perfect lighting you look for. So the camera you are looking for should be able to perform in different lighting situation. And it should be a low light capable camera. Our recommendation for you to select the specific camera which shows less noise at greater ISO level. You will get lower noise even in low light with these recommended camera body.


Photographers usually prefer manual focus during product photography but there will be situation in front of you when you won’t get enough time to finish the job for your client. Some clients won’t give you enough time and you will look for handy and an autofocus camera will save you showing your higher efficiency to your client.  So you must keep in mind autofocus system for time sensitive shoots.

Others consider a camera for product photography

First, you should consider your convenience with your camera. Since every photographer works handy as well thus you should think of lightweight so that you can handle it easily while shooting outdoor.

Another important things to keep in mind for busy photographers is the battery life of your camera. Now a days clients provide limited time to finish the product photography. Hence the longer battery life will help you to get done your shoot in a single sitting.

Removable media will make your work easier serving you for long term. We recommend you to think of safer removable media to connect your camera to other devices like pc or laptop.

Finally, it is undeniable that a good quality camera configuration results high quality output. And thus you should get prepared for higher expense for good product photography. It it will definitely serve you longer.

Camera Settings for Product Photography

DSLR cameras are a bit complicated to use as time goes it will be easier for you to adjust the settings. Professionals always use the manual mode because they want to have control over their style of photography. Whether is studio or outdoor photography proper lightening is a must as the ISO level, shutter speed and the aperture combination should be set perfectly to get the necessary exposure. Though camera usually has autofocus but photographers prefer to set the focus manually to get the image sharp exactly where it needs. Lens using is also important as different products or situations need different lenses.  Such as for small product like ear ring macro lens is perfect choice to get the every tiny details.

Frequently Asked Questions – Product Photography Cameras

Since product photography is a way of taking commercial or promotional pictures of products so there are many things to know about the cameras suitable for product photography. Here we are trying to resolve some myths over camera details for product photography.

What Is The Best Camera For Product Photography?

A well-configured camera body and lens make the best combination of product photography. The camera which can capture high-quality detailed printable image can be named for product photography. For an in-depth definition, a camera which has vital features such as manual control, higher sensitive sensors to work in low light condition, higher megapixels, interchangeable lenses, and autofocus, is regarded as the best camera for product photography. The output is appealing product photos with the finest satisfactory light and sharpest details in it.

What Lens Do I Need For Product Photography?

As example, if you want to shoot tiny products like diamond ring or strawberry, macro lens will give you the every detail in the image. On the other hand model photoshoot will require 24-70 mm lens. And the other lenses for product photography. Such as 50mm or 35mm lens are named as normal regular lens, 50-200mm or macro lens for tiny product which should be prime lens for sharpest image, a 70-200m zoom lens which you can call a friend in need as you can use as time saving and for variation of image size and another is tilt-shift lens especially invented to alter the plane of subject which can make you exclusive than other because only a few photographers use this lens.

How Many Megapixels Do I Need For Product Photography?

Megapixels are the determiner of picture quality. Higher megapixel creates a higher quality picture. It contains the detail of the image which is a mandatory requirement for a product photographer. So higher megapixel in a camera helps to enhance easily during post-processing the image without losing the quality. Product photographer has to keep the image printing process for clients in mind and higher megapixels help print the high-quality image with incredible detail.

Is A Mirrorless Camera Good For Product Photography?

There are some similarities between mirrorless and professional DSLR camera. There are interchangeable lens options as well as manual settings with high resolution in mirrorless camera. But we don’t usually recommend mirrorless camera for professional product photography because of the low sensitive sensors which can make obstacle when you have to shoot in low lighting. That will result low quality of your image. Some of the mirrorless cameras also have fewer lens options which is definitely not for product photography. And other issue to face is that with mirrorless camera you have to shoot having preview on your smartphone instead of a built in viewfinder!!

Which DSLR is Best For Product Photography?

We have already mentioned what a DSLR camera should feature to be the best choice for product photography. There are thousands of models in the markets from different renowned brands. But some particular models fulfill the demands recognized as product photography camera. We already described some of our picks we found as best DSLR in the market for product photography. In addition renowned product photographers are also using this gears. There are Alpha a6000 from Sony, D7200 from Nikon, X-T2 from Fujifilm, EOS REBEL T7i from Canon and Panasonic has their Lumix ZS70/TZ90 in the market. These cameras has features especially made for product photography.

What Equipment do I Need for Product Photography?

Besides good quality camera and lens a friendly tripod is an important equipment to a photographer. It helps the camera to be steady and the captured image to be focused. And other necessary equipment’s for product photographers are such as backdrop, lightning stands, shooting table, lightbox, reflectors, soft box etc.

What is the Difference Between Professional and Product Photography Cameras?

There is no vast difference between professional and product photography cameras if your camera is already highly configured. Professional cameras are equipped with removable lens, higher sensors and capable of low light photography, but if you want a camera for product photography then your gear should have all these configuration of professional cameras. Because you are going to fulfill clients demands with enough details of your photography image and thus should increase your efficiencies.

My Recommendations

Finally, your client will try to bring the best out of you but it’s your job to get the best out of your camera which is quite impossible if the camera is not the best for this specific purpose. Our recommendation is neither buy the cheap one nor the most expensive one. Better buy Best cameras for product photography which delivers you the every feature you need for your product photography purpose. Most important thing in professional photography is to keep in mind that how detailed and sharp image the camera can capture. You should also learn every features and capabilities of your camera to get the best out of it. And also concentrate on the assisting equipment’s you need with the camera.