5 Best Prepaid Cell Phone Plans Unlimited

If you are looking to reduce your cell phone bill in 2021, you should consider getting a prepaid cell phone plan. With prepaid cell plans, you are not likely to overspend as you pay before using the service, unlike in postpay where you spend and then pay. Moreover, the best prepaid cell phone plans unlimited comes with amazing features that let you talk, chat, and browse more for less. The flexibility and convenience of pay as you go phone plans has seen more people move from the expensive and rigid contract plans.

There are many reasons why you should consider prepaid cell phone plans over postpaid plans. Low cost, high flexibility, no contract, and the lack of credit check are some of the features that make the pay as you go plans more attractive. They also come in a wide array of options giving you endless possibilities depending on your personal needs. They are also ideal for families as they support several lines on a single account, which could save you a lot of money.

Top 5 Best Prepaid Cell Phone Plans Unlimited

1. Verizon Wireless – Prepaid Unlimited Smartphone $65 Plan

If you love Verizon’s reliable network, the Wireless $65 prepaid unlimited plan for smartphones is a good phone plan. Although Verizon cell phone plans are not the cheapest in the market, they have superb coverage and reliable speeds, which makes them ideal for individuals who use a lot of data. For a fee of $65 per month, you can get a chance to enjoy unlimited data on the strongest network with tethering speeds that go as high as 600kbps. You also get a priority over other customers whenever there is network data congestion. The plan also comes with unlimited national minutes to the US, Mexico, and Canada. You further get to enjoy unlimited messages across the US and to over 200 destinations globally for a 30-day cycle.

With this Verizon plan, you can get a $5 per month discount if you activate the AutoPay feature. Once you exhaust your 10GB high-speed data offer, you will continue to enjoy data at 128 kbps speeds for the remaining days of the 30 days cycle at no extra charge. You can use your phone to create a Wi-Fi hotspot at no additional cost. Other features that come with this plan include data alerts, call waiting, voicemail, 3-way calling, call forward, and caller ID blocking.


  • No overages
  • Free shipping
  • Unlimited talk and text
  • It does not have long-distance charges across the US, Canada, and Mexico
  • You can bring your phone
  • It is more expensive

2. T-Mobile – Simply Prepaid Unlimited

T-mobile is responding to market competition by offering amazing t-mobile cell phone plans. The company replaced its postpaid One plans with the Magenta plans, and it has now replaced the One prepaid unlimited with simply prepaid unlimited. The plan comes with astounding features like unlimited data, talk, and text for a 30-day payment cycle. At $50 per month, the T-Mobile lets you use unlimited high-speed data of up to 50GB and reduced speed during the congestion period until the next payment cycle.

The Prepaid plan not only offers unlimited calls, text, and 4G LTE data on the network, but it also gives you a chance to watch unlimited HD Videos for an extra $3 per day. Other features that come with this plan include 3G mobile hotspot data, 5G access inside the 5G coverage areas, 5GB data in Canada and Mexico, and Wi-Fi calling and texting. You can also subscribe to unlimited international calls for an additional $15 per month. The plan further includes call waiting, voicemail with message alert, customer care, conference calling, and free standard shipping.


  • HD quality video streaming
  • Data maximize
  • Wi-Fi calling and texting
  • 5G access
  • It does not have long-distance roaming
  • You can bring your phone
  • Abroad bonus data allowance
  • The international calls require an additional subscription

3. Boost Mobile – Unlimited Gigs

Although Sprint does not offer prepaid services, you can enjoy some of the best prepaid cell phone plans on its subsidiary provider. The Boost Mobile services have amazing add-ons that include tidal subscriptions and data hotspots, which make the Boost Mobile a market in the prepaid industry. At only $25, you can get unlimited with priority during congestion. You also get unlimited national call minutes and messages. By subscribing to this Boost Mobile offer, you further qualify for $10 per international Connect PLUS that lets you make affordable international calls. As one of the cheap cell phone plans, the Boost Unlimited GIGS comes in a family plan that supports up to 5 lines. It also features 12GB data for mobile hotspot and exceptional streaming of videos, games, and music by up to 480p+, 2mbps, and 500kbps, respectively.

The Boost Unlimited Gigs plan allows individuals with eligible devices to enjoy exclusive six months of TIDAL HiFi for free. The prices you see are the final costs you will pay as their plans are inclusive of taxes and fees. Optional add-ons like the Todo Mexico Plus and International Connect Plus lets you enjoy unlimited calls and messages to select countries.


  • 6 Months free TIDAL subscription
  • Price inclusive of taxes
  • Unlimited text, talk, and data plan
  • You can use data allowance for tethering
  • You can use your phone
  • It offers free voicemail
  • International calls are not part of the initial package

4. Mint Mobile – 3 Month Plan

When it comes to cheap cell phone plans, the Mint Mobile easily stands out as the best plan with a subscription cycle. The package gives you the chance to select the amount of 4G LTE data that you want, whether 3GB, 8GB or 12GB, as well as the plan length cycle. All Mint plans irrespective of the cycle length come with unlimited talk, data and text, 4G LTE network, and unlimited domestic long-distance calling. The Mint Mobile plan does include annual or hidden fees. At $20 per month, the small three-month plan offers you unlimited national minutes and full speed 8GB data and after a slowed connection of 128kbps.


  • Unlimited text, talk, and data
  • 4G LTE network
  • Unlimited domestic long-distance calling
  • It does not charge long-distance, local calls
  • You can bring your phone
  • It does not attract charges in the USA
  • Allowance data can tether
  • You will have to use your monthly minutes to make international calls

5. H2O Wireless – Monthly Unlimited

At $27 per month, the H2O Wireless lets you enjoy 5GB full data speed with no overages. The network requires a phone and SIM card that is compatible with 4G LTE. The plan further offers you unlimited domestic talk and unlimited international talk to more than 50 countries. Other offers in this pay as you go phone plan include unlimited local and international texts as well as unlimited MMS. You can take advantage of the plans international calls pack to talk to your loved ones in over 50 countries.

All H2O data plans support 8-Mbps maximum download speed on a 4G LTE network. However, it is worth noting that 4G coverage is not available everywhere. When you refer a friend to the H20 Wireless, you get rewards points worth $30. Activating the Auto Recharge feature on your monthly plan gives you a 10-percent discount. Other features that come with the H2O wireless plan include 3-way calling, call waiting, call forwarding, and voicemail.


  • Unlimited talk and text
  • $30 worth refer a friend rewards points
  • 10-percent discount on activating auto-recharge
  • 8 Mbps maximum download speed
  • It offers a discount on activating auto-recharge
  • It offers reward points when you refer a friend
  • The 4G LTE network is not available everywhere

Why Choose a Prepaid Cell Phone Plan?

  • No credit check : If you have low credit, you do not have to worry about that, denying you the chance to enjoy the best calling rates and data offers. Pay as you go phone plans do not credit checks, which make them ideal for individuals with poor history rating or those who would not like to keep the information personal.
  • It has no commitment : The fantastic thing about prepaid plans is that the contract does not bind you. If you find a good deal somewhere else, you can quickly terminate the agreement. It is a good option if you would like to try different services without a commitment.
  • Can help you know your needs : If it is your first time to own a cell phone, it can be challenging to choose your phone as you do not yet know the data you will need, or even the minutes you need to talk in a month. The best prepaid cell phone plans unlimited gives you the freedom to express yourself without limitation.
  • Carryover minutes : Some of the best prepaid plans have a rollover feature that lets you keep the minutes you did not use in the month. If you find yourself very busy, you can relax, knowing that you will be rollover the minutes to the following month.
  • It does not require monthly fees : With pay as you go plans, you do not have to pay the monthly payments. Although some providers may require you pay a small fee every month to access certain services like 911, the prices are not mandatory. You do not have to pay for it if you do not intend to use the service. However, it is essential to note that your account can be deactivated if you stay longer without using it.

Things to Consider when Choosing the Best Prepaid Cell Phone Plans Unlimited

  • Coverage : There is no need to have the best data and minutes if you cannot use them. Before you choose the best plan for your needs, you should make sure that the service has quality coverage in your area. Since different network providers use various technologies like 3G and 4G LTE, you should make sure that your home has good coverage before you can choose your best plan.
  • Reliability : The best prepaid cell phone plans unlimited should demonstrate high reliability with calls and data. If you are streaming, it can be frustrating if the streaming is not reliable. Pauses as the network loads in between a movie or a game take the fun out of action, and thus, you should ensure that the service provider is highly reliable.
  • Quality of service : Unfortunately, some network providers are good at marketing their plans but poor in delivering the service. If a service provider claims to offer unlimited data, the full data speed and the capped rate should be high enough to let you enjoy the basic internet. The best prepaid cell phone plans unlimited should let you enjoy seamless streaming at full speed. They should also have reasonable capped data speed.
  • Pricing structure : Prepaid phone plans can help you save money if you choose cheap cell phone plans that meet your personal needs. Some providers offer additional packages like family integration to make the overall plan affordable. The unlimited plans combine different services like unlimited data, talk, and texts, to make the overall plan more economical.
  • Additional features : Every prepaid phone unlimited plan comes with unlimited minutes, text, and data. However, different service providers have special features that make their plan unique. The uncapped data is usually different in every plan. Other plans offer international minutes as part of the package or for an additional fee. You can also find a prepaid service that offers rewards like bonuses for activating an auto-charge feature or for referring friends. You should look for a plan that provides more than the basic features.

Bottom Line

With the major cell phone carriers offering competitive prepaid phone plans, the options for those who love flexibility are endless. The limited data, texts, and minutes provide an economical way to keep in touch with your loved ones. However, due to the features of different plans, the best prepaid cell phone plans unlimited should match your personal needs. If you have a family overseas, it should include international calling as part of its plan. If you spend most of your time streaming movies, it should offer more uncapped high-speed data, while the capped data speed should also be helpful.