Best Waterproof Phone Case For Latest Smartphone

Imagine buying thousand dollars phone just to drop it and break its screen or cover? Or drop it accidentally in water causing mechanical failures? This can be so hurting. It is thus advisable to invest in a quality phone case. This is to protect your favorite expensive phone from damage.

There are two categories of phone case, regular cases and waterproof cases. In most cases, common phone cases are water impervious thus protects your phone only from shock, dirt and dust. Waterproof cases on the other hand, are made of bulky and hard materials making them water resistance. These cases make your phone to float in water and still remain dry causing no damage. They also protect your phone from dust and shock thus perfect for athletes, footballers, swimmers or any other sport enthusiast. Before discussing the best cases to consider, let’s first understand the importance of having waterproof phone cases.

Why Do You Need Waterproof Phone Case?

As much as phones are precious devices they are also delicate and fragile when handled without care. For that and more reasons, every phone user needs a waterproof phone case. Below are more reason on why users need these cases.

  1. To Protect Your Phone From Any Sort Of External Damage

These covers are made of strong materials that make it durable and robust from damage. As a result, these cases protect your phone against snow or water splash. These cases are also tough as users can swim with them as deep as 2 meters without damage.

Additionally, these cases are strong enough to protect your phone from dust, shock or scratches. With them, you can place your phone with other rough items without deface.

  1. To Always Keep In Touch

Imagine damaging your phone the exact time you are waiting for an important call. Imagine your boss needs to communicate to you for something important but can’t reach you. This is more than a nightmare. For that reason, you need waterproof cases to protect your phone from damage and ensure you are always in reach.

  1. To Remove Fear When Using Your Phone

This mostly applies to people working in harsh environments.  Waterproof phone cases get rid of stress or fear that your phone will subject to dust or drop and break. This case also gives freedom to enjoy swimming, hiking and any other adventure without worry of damaging your phone.

  1. To Protect You From Huge Phone Repair Expenses

Have you ever spent a lot of money to replace your phone’s screen? If yes, you surely understand the importance of phone cases. Damaging your phone does not only incur you huge repair cost but also deletes all your memories, contacts, massages and pictures. It is so important to use water proof phone case in protecting your phone.

10 Best Waterproof Phone Cases

Out of many waterproof phone cases in the market, we have done thorough study and got our readers 10 best phone cases to consider. They are;

1. Catalyst 33 Ft I Phone 8 Waterproof Phone Cases

This great phone case is also compatible with I phone 7 phone. It is a modern smart phone case that is designed to ultimately complement its efficiency.

Why is it best?  It is designed with very effective and modern water proof materials to ensure the phone is fully sealed and safe in case it interacts with water either accidentally or intentionally.  In addition, it has a well crafted design that ensures its camera, jack/charging port works without any alteration from the case.

Catalyst Waterproof Case
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This catalyst case also comes with a warrant for replacement incase of damage. Besides, it is designed with a palm friendly nature to ensure your phone wont slide while using.

2. Vansky Waterproof Phone Pouch

This unique case is compatible with I phone 11X, 8 plus, 7 plus, 6S, Samsung , most LG phones and other phones with a screen display of 6.3 inches and below.  It is among one of the best phone pouch in today’s modern market.

Why is it the best? The phone is fully verified as waterproof and buoyant as it easily floats in water. As if not enough, it offers full screen sensitivity both on ground and water. Furthermore, it comes with a touch sensitive front and two open clear windows at the back to capture clear images while in water. It has an extended audio jack and arm band built on it to easily hold and listen to music simultaneously during any sport or workout activity.

Vansky Waterproof Phone Pouch

More to that, it has a certified lock features, fingerprints unlock system, and an adjustable neck strap for mobility. It comes with a testing paper and 45 days return period in case of default. Moreover, it has multiple functions as it provides protection to keys, credit cards, money and ID cards among other personal items.

3. Ounne Waterproof Phone Case

This is another quality 55 inch phone case compatible to I phone 7 plus and I phone 8 phones. It renders the phone holistic protection through its reliable features.

Why is it the best?  It is equipped with latest waterproof technology to ensure you phone is out of harm after dropping in water.  It is made of hard, TPU, shock proof materials that ensure the phone is protected even after experiencing high drop to the ground. It is also dust proof, eliminating worries of dust or dirt on your phone.

Ounne Waterproof Phone Case
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Additionally, the cover is equipped with strong screen protector that fully functions to compliment the screen display thus no alteration to the quality of pictures and videos. Most importantly, this case is scratch resistance making it safe to use in harsh outdoor activities like cycling, mountain climbing and skiing.

4. FRE Series Waterproof Case

This great phone case fits perfectly in Samsung galaxy s9 phone. With its super sleek design, your phones protection is guaranteed.

Why is it the best? First of all, it has beautiful colors making it appealing to the eyes. It also has good ratings and reviews in Amazon guaranteeing its quality and durability. It is made of shock and drop proof materials making it safe to use around any harsh environment.

FRE Series Waterproof Case
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It has a simple design yet strong and competent to stand deep in water for more than one hour without destruction. It is also made of rigid materials that seal your phone from snow particles, hence safe from damage. Not to forget it’s built- in scratch protection material that ensures the case is scratch resistance to protect the screen from breakage. With the case, your phone will always remain clean as it protects it from dust or dirt penetration.

It is made with a perfect size and shape to rap and fit comfortably leaving no room for your phone to slip out of cover. It is also shaped well making sure it does not tamper with your phone’s ports, sound or camera.

5. Kona Submariner Waterproof Phone Pouch

Kona is another reliable waterproof phone case in the market today. The case compacts with apple iphone 6, 7, 8, X, Samsung S 7, 8,9,10 and all other 6.3 inch sized phones.

Why is it the best? This phone case is made up of hard, rigid, water, shock, snow and dirt proof materials that protect your phone from dust, dirt, snow and mad. Approved by android central, this phone pouch allows your phone to stand 100 feet deep in the water without damage. This allows the user to comfortably capture images while under water.

Kona Submariner Waterproof Phone Pouch
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It enables your phone to float in water and identify it with ease after dropping during diving or swimming. This is possible through squeezing the case to create air and boost floatability.  Thanks to this modern case, you can comfortably use your phone anywhere.  It also has multiple uses like protecting other personal devices like keys, money, passports and ID.

6. Joto Universal Waterproof Pouch

Unlike most phone pouches, this modern bag compacts with all phones that have a display length of up to 6.8 inches. It functions best in phones like phone 11 pro max, XS, 6S, 7 and Samsung galaxy S20 extra..

Why is it the best? It has modern limpid window on both front and back. This allows room for capture perfect videos and ease while taking pictures. With this pouch, you can submerge your phone to more than 80 fit deep in water without any damage. This is because of extraordinary waterproof materials suitable for swimming and diving activities. Amazing, right?

Joto Universal Waterproof Pouch
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With this pouch, your phone can stay clean as it is both snow and dust proof. It also comes with a very simple next strap to carry around with your neck. This also guarantees your phone safety. It is a universal phone as it can also be used as a wallet to protect your credit card, ID, money and passport.

7. Ace Teah Waterproof Phone Case

This is another amazing underwater phone pouch that compacts with several phones. It is suitable for phones like iphone X, 8, 8 plus, 7plus and Google pixel HTC10 among others.

Why is it best? It is designed with a wide compatibility to fit in all phones with a length of up to 6.0 inches. It also has a secure lock- seal features that ensures your phone’s safety is guaranteed. It is also waterproof and can stand up to 100 feet deep. Not to forget its clear windows that ensure you can easily use the phones touch screen with ease.

Ace Teah Waterproof Phone Case
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More to that, it comes with dust and snow proof features that offer 360 protection against your phone. It also has an extra space to store credit cards, ID, money to protect them against water during swimming. That means it has multiple functionality.

8. FRIEQ Waterproof Case

This is the best phone to consider if you love outdoor activities like swimming, diving or kayaking. This great phone is compatible to Samsung galaxy S10, S9, S10e, PIXEL 3 and LG Sony among others.

Why is it the best? It is made of hard and rigid material making it waterproof. It allows the user to use it 30 meters under water, with touch screen functionality under water. It is also fit perfectly to any 6.6 inch and below phone size.”

FRIEQ Waterproof Case
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In addition, it has a crystal clear window in both sides that enables to capture images without removing the case. It is also fitted with neck strap for easy and safe carriage of your phone. Nonetheless, it has snap lock mechanism feature that enables you to lock your phone by a simple snap.

9. CaliCase Waterproof Universal Case

Without any doubt, this phone happens to be one of the most unique phone covers in the modern market.

Why is it best? It is equipped with two layers of high quality PVC plastic to ensure your phone is holistically waterproof. This makes it outstanding because many cases are made of only one plastic layer. This cover also enables your phone to float as well as capture images and videos while still under water.

CaliCase Waterproof Universal Case
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This case has a universal size making it compatible to any model and size of phone.  Moreover, it comes with 100% money return lifetime policy in case of default and 15 different colors to suit every customers taste.

10. Life proof FRE Series

This modern phone is made for I phone X.

Why is it the best? It has an ultra thin design to offer a thin fit on your gadget. It also has a built- in screen cover to protect your screen. Through it, your phone is always clean as it is dirt, dust and snow proof.

Life proof FRE Series
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It has a window at the back that serves to display I phones Apple Logo. Besides, your phone is at no risk even inside water as the cover renders it waterproof.  It withstands high drops of up to 6.6 meters deep. It is also dust proof, shock proof, snow and scratch proof to protect your phone from any type of damage.

Factors To Consider When Buying Waterproof Phone Cases

We have given you a good guide of the best ten waterproof phone cases to consider. There are definitely more phone cases in the market than the ones described above.  To ensure our users buy the right and reliable waterproof phone cases, we advice them to consider the following factors.

  1. Multi-functional Case : Waterproof phone cases are expensive to acquire.  To get the value of your money, you should therefore make sure your phone has multiple purposes. For instance, some cases have a room to protect other personal items like ID card, keys and credit cards among others.
  2. Size and Shape : This is another important factor to consider when buying waterproof cases. These phone cases should be strong and bulky in sizes to shield your phone perfectly from damage. It is obvious that phone cases are not universal. Therefore, ensure your case has exact shape to your phone for proper fitting. This will prevent your phone from slipping out of the cover. Proper fitting cases also gives a room to access  other special features like camera, flashlights, earphone jack and charging port without covering them.
  3. Floatable Case : Reliable waterproof phone case should be light to allow flotation. That means, you are not at a risk of losing your phone if you are a diver, fisherman or swimmer. When you accidentally drop your phone in river or lake, this case will make it float on water hence visible and easy to find.

Floating cases also protect your phone from damage. Although these phone cases are water proof, they leak water when dipped in water for more hours. With floating cases, your phone will not sink deep in the lake, thus safe from any kind of damage.

  1. Durability : This is another great factor to consider when purchasing your phone. These cases should have high cases of sturdiness to protect your phone from damage even after dropping multiple times.  Ensure your phone case is made of durable materials like hard plastic, thermoplastics, rubber and silicon to enhance durability. Note that, the more durable and strong your phone case, the much the buying price. However, it is worth the expense.
  2. Manufacturer : Most users get enticed by the beautiful appearance of the case and rule out this important factor. Most manufactures are not legit and end up manufacturing poor quality cases. In most cases, these cases have ventilation to leak in water, causing damage. Therefore, conduct a thorough research on the manufacturer before purchasing their cases. Look for ratings and reviews from previous users to determine if they really work.
  3. Budget : Get a case within your budget. More often than not, cheap commodities are associated with poor quality. As you set a budget on your phone case, set a reasonable price budget that will not incur you additional losses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Waterproof Cases Really Work?

This depends with the quality of your phone. In this case, we emphasize again on the need to get your case from the best manufacturer for guaranteed quality. Low quality waterproof cases do not work perfectly. They end up leaking water or dust to your phone causing damages. High quality cases on the other hand work perfectly. They are strong and durable to protect you phone against any damage.

How Do You Know If Phone Case Is Waterproof?

It is important to test your case before paying for it. How?

  • Inspect the case thorough to ensure it has is sealed with no cracks that may leak in water. Inspect whether is made of hard and rigid materials to protect your phone well when it drops.
  • Place a piece of paper or light towel between your phone and the case. This will help you whether it’s leaking in water.
  • Merge your phone in a bucket full of water and hold in inside for recommended time. Release it to prove whether it will float on water.
  • Remove the phone from water and wipe the outer cover. When completely dry, open the case to check out whether your paper is soaked wet.
  • Is the paper dry? That means your case is waterproof.

Can You Take Pictures Under Water With A Waterproof I Phone Case?

It is possible to take pictures from waterproof I phone.  I phone cases are made of hard and double materials that can stand more than 30 minutes and 30 meters deep in water. They also approve touch screen functionality under water thus making it easy to use the camera.

Can You Take Pictures Under Water With A Life Proof Case?

It is not right to take pictures under water with a life proof. These types of cases are specially made of shock proof, dust proof or dirt proof materials that protect your phone from dust and shock after dropping. Although they are also waterproof, most cannot stand more than 2o minutes or more than 6.6 feet deep in water. Also, they do not also allow touch screen functionality while in water, thus not possible to touch and open camera.

Wind up

Most users ignore the importance of water proof cases. They think it’s a waste of money since the phone can operate well with no case on it. Some also ignore the use of these cases because they have insured their phones over damage. The truth is; phone cases are more important that they think. Spite the fact that your phone can operate normally without a case; you can accidentally drop it in water or hard rock causing damage. This will incur you extra expenses for repairing or replacing your phone.

It is also important to know that replacing your phone with insurance will save you the cost but not retrieve your lost images or messages. It is therefore important to ensure you get quality waterproof cases for your phone. Use our guide above to get the best case for use.